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Friends Talk is an open blog that welcomes interaction not only with Friends of One members, but also with anyone who is seeking to know and understand why we are here in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and ignorance that denies happiness and the freedom to be what we are, which is Pure Consciousness free from fear and limitation.

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Insights May 2022 

There are so many people in the world who are constantly confused and inwardly fearful of just what is the purpose of this world, and is there any way out of the continual fear, suffering and depression that assaults our life and happiness?

There are so many people who feel this way, so why is there never any change to this situation?

It is always the suppression by the few that grab at power, and in turn use the police and military to end all resistance by the people.

However, this is always passed off as being the way of the world, something that has been occurring since the dawn of consciousness, and began following the use of concepts and conditioning to take control of everyone’s mind.

We have created a manifest world based on bodily interactions and what we call duality or opposites. Everything we accept conceptuality is based on opposites, such as good and evil, love and hate and so on, and these are the roots of all of our concepts, which we believe allow us to mentally make decisions based on our personal belief systems. 

And yet we are willing to accept such mental conditioning, which those in charge use to make us slaves to whatever they say is reality.

And even though we believe we have a mind, and that we have the power to think, and make decisions, that somehow we are free and have what is called “free will”, the will to make our lives to be what we see fit.

What an illusion, and when will we awaken from this “waking dream” and find out-just what reality is? Reality is seeing the truth of what is, and not blindly following other people’s concepts.

To come to such a realization we have to become aware of how this all began and when did all this conditioning begin, and this leads us to remember our first days of learning to walk and communicate with our parents who began conditioning us as did their parents.

It is a ruthless situation, and if we are to counter all the lies we were given, and discard them, then what is left is reality of what is real, and that we are not just a body and a mind, but that we are beyond this world of ignorance and are the true knowledge and being of the Absolute One Self.

That’s all it takes, and if you truly understand this then your association with Friends of One, this world will end and a new world reappears, a world free of bondage, ignorance and fear.

By your association with Friends of One you have the opportunity to transcend the world of bondage and live in harmony within the VOLAH and become aware and experience the great opening into the Light of Self.

For many people on the path is seeking enlightenment, a goal that is unrealistic, because we are all already enlightened. What we are not aware of is that is our acceptance of the ego illusion that we are a body-mind individual that prevents us from being what we are.

Truth and understanding is not realized through experiencing fabulous fiats of Light and emotional exuberance, which are only mental concepts that are accepted by an individual as being a reality.

Following the Transmissions given by Zadore, we find that by studying and applying that knowledge we can cast out all those ignorant concepts and replace them with the truth that is gradually revealed as we begin to live the truth and oneness of what is; and that truth reveals that we are not individuals separated from one another. When we believe we are individuals we have a self that is related only to the body.

 Change begins here and now when we have the conviction that we are not separate bodies, and that we are consciousness beyond that, and we need to seek that union of oneness here and now, and to help facilitate the need to come together and understand our reality apart from the accepted  concepts and our individuality. thereby reaching an understanding through the unity of what true friends are in the Absolute Oneness that underlies our basic nature, which is not a separate individual in a body.

We are not the alone returning to the Alone as some systems promote. We are all One returning to the Unity of our one Self.

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