Friends of One

As you have now gathered, Friends of One is not a magazine, or a
religious cult, but an educational site of friends who come together to
understand the true purpose and function of Life, free from outside
domination and ignorance.
We know that there is an Absolute Eternal One, in which our inner being
dwells, and through that union we exist in consciousness through a body
here on Earth; and though this spiritual oneness, we override all
individuality and separation as being one in the Eternal One.
Inwardly we know that we are constantly conditioned to behave and
think in ignorance, never knowing the truth of our existence and purpose
of our true nature. Our world is virtually based on lies and illusion, which
is maintained to keep the people dumbed down in bondage.
All freedom lies within our consciousness and inner awareness that is
suppressed by the controlling powers.
We have to increase our understanding and awareness of just who and
what we are, and then we know that we are much greater than the
limited consciousness of our body that keeps us ignorant and in
servitude. We are free beings living in consciousness and existence
beyond this world.
Joining together as Friends of One you will become free from all
bondage and live in the Truth of what you are.
Jesus said that the Kingdom of heaven is not a place where we go when
the body dies, but is a living state here and now, where we live in
oneness together in this world.
If you yearn for freedom, and want to live a life of peace, love, and joy,
then by coming together as Friends of One you will live as you were
born to be a free spirit in Oneness.