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War and Peace

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Humanity have always acquainted peace as being a part of the dual concept as the opposite of war, such as when war ends peace prevails. But war has no opposite being a provocation against the lives of others, and when war ends there are no winners only losers.

Wars are the means where by the desire of one individual to increase their control and rape the assets of another country that is seen as weaker than them. This is not new but has been repeated over thousands of  years.

War is not just initiated by a dictator who holds their own people in bondage and fear, but wars are often fort by religions. And asserting that God is on their side, that it will cleanse the world of Satan’s influence.

Their are no winners and only losers. Both the attackers and attacked all experience suffering and death; and no one is exempt.

However, when hostilities eventually end, no one seems to care about the wounded or the dead, as well as the loss of life of the mothers and children, because they are happy that survived.

And this is called peace!

Nations do not know what peace is, nor their inhabitants, because peace is not a thing. You cannot take hold of it and say: ‘This is peace, or that is peace’. Peace is not visible in the world. People are not aware of peace as a thing because they are always searching for something outwardly in the world to objectify a concept, regardless that peace only exists in consciousness.

You cannot experience in a life that is based on desires and live continually seeking personal attachments of money, possessions that will give you temporary happiness, and unhappiness when they are taken from you.

We all know that peace is said to be an inner state, but finding that state is another  matter.

War on the other hand is not something that can be replaced by the end of hostilities. It will not bring back those who have gone.

We may curse and blame the despot who started the war, and bring him to be tried for war crimes that occurred on his watch, but unless we realize that constantly we are all at war within ourself and with our neighbours, then war and aggression becomes a part of our nature, and until we recognize this wars outwardly will erupt.

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May you find inner peace in your life.

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