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Transmission 23:2:240:22

Q, You first came to enlighten the Earth through human bodies about the Illusion and the Astral Lords, revealing their desire to destroy the Earth. Why then is your Light mainly focused on this part of the universe?


Because of the limited consciousness and Light moving through your body, your imagination and understanding is limited.

My consciousness and awareness cannot be assimilated at this outer level of consciousness, and it is also not assessable, as such, it has to be stepped down through the Self-consciousness to a body frequency that is receptive and realized at that level.

There is no individuality in Light and only the ONE, and the consciousness available for the Earth is scattered through many objects and forms. The human form has the capacity to attract more consciousness than any of the other forms and objects. However, because this consciousness is broken down by being shared by so many bodies, has limited the available Light for the Earth.

For this reason I sent the VOLAH to this planet alone and no where else in the universe. The reason for this was because of the close proximity of the Astral Lords to the Earth.

If the Human Being was not fractured in so many bodies, having a limited consciousness, then the Earth would receive more concentrated Light. Actually, on a higher frequency the human is one Being, but on the gross level of manifestation it experiences  consciousness through many bodies.

Just as one body is a composite organism, all bodies as separate parts make up the one consciousness of the whole Human Being. The same principle occurs with all species, plant and objects that are responsible for the manifest Light of the Earth.

However, when the world is viewed as containing separated units of consciousness we witness the individualization of consciousness, mainly because of the individual composition of each form. To understand how this affects the difference of the consciousness expressed by each separate form, although they come from the same morphogenetic pattern, this can be understood with the pancake theory. The pancake mixture is one. When individual pancakes are poured onto the hot pan, although from the same source, no one pancake is the exact same shape and has different consistency. Several children are born out of the sperm of the same parents are different and the same occurs with identical twins or triplets. In the world nothing is the same or perfect. As such there are variations of Light and consciousness for the Earth from its parts.

The Earth’s Light is limited by its separated parts and has slowed down its ascension in Light, So some 240000 years in earth time, the present human being was morphed to increase the Light and consciousness of the Earth.

The common factor here is that the new Human Being has the potential to increase its light and awareness to know and access the higher frequencies of the Self.

This small planet has an important role in the integration of Light in the universe, and bring the shattered Light as one again in the Light Realm of Being.

Everything in the creation is the perfection of the Eternal Absolute One.

Q. You say that the VOLAH that you created is only for the Earth and not for the whole universe?


Its function is for alone the Earth, and for that purpose I first made contact with you. You may recall in the first Transmissions that the Sun and Earth both gave a transmission, but nothing from the universe.

My Light consciousness is universal and radiates through Being to restore the lost Light Realm.

The Earth’s role in this restoration is like a ‘cog’ that sets in motion of the process of uniting the Light once more into the Realm of Being.

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