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There Is a Crack

There is a Crack - Zadore One Light

Recently we looked at the world through the illusion, and how we are locked into a world of perpetual recurrence and separation from the reality of the truth.

    Continually we are deluded into believing that the two preceding generations have unknowingly continued to perpetuate the same concepts and values of previous generations, little knowing the same will eventually be inflicted on any new generations, no matter how differently they presently see the world.

    How can there be any thought of any real change in the world other than a fine veneer of normal youthful rebellion against their parent’s attitudes and using fashion and habits to maintain their so-called difference?

    What the youth think about change has been the same over thousands of generations, when, after gaining some maturity and perspective they fall back into the illusion that has conditioned humanity forever.

    Rebellion and revolution never change anything because what is dismantled always returns with a different face.

    We all know that happens, but we are unable to admit that it is so and is ingrained in the consciousness of the illusion.

    When you were born there was no other alternative to be given, for your mind was a blank canvas awaiting to be covered with false concepts that were increased by the educational systems that conditioned your behaviour and freedom of being, and once you accepted this world you were ready to repeat the same process with your children.

    Most people do not want to buck the system and continue to follow the crowd and the line of least resistance. There are always rebels and they are confined to the fringe of society and classified as being outsiders, and it is there that change is generated. There is a certain peace of being outsiders for they live outside the constraints and regulation of society, but alternative societies are not the way to go because they are never free to operate outside government and law enforcement control and are labelled as cults and are not the way of change or freedom.

    The true outsider is based on the freedom of expression of the mind seeking understanding and meaning of one’s self and the truth and not bound by the ignorance and laws of the mass illusion.

    As introspection deepens answers begin to present themselves. Once I found Zadore’s Transmissions answers flooded my being as an illuminating experience. However, the world of conditioning is strong and has moulded human consciousness over thousands of years, weighing us down and suppressing our minds, for now, we are swimming against the tide ingrained with ignorance and control.

    We may liken it to be similar when one stops smoking cigarettes or drugs, then others who are hooked always attempt to weaken their resolve by offering that individual free drugs to keep them hooked, Others do not want to be left alone fearing that they will be seen as weak and unsupported, for humanity have always thought that there is security in numbers, and for that reason, cults survive.

    So, where do we stand for as Zadore has said we will only reach freedom and Light through our inner efforts and not through someone else’s light.

    Once you break free from the chains of this world of illusion, all the lies and concepts vanish from your mind and consciousness, and you are free to access and reside in the pure consciousness of the Eternal Self.

    Is that what we call enlightenment? In the true meaning, the answer is No, for how is it possible to become different from what you already are? All you have to do is disperse all the clouds and stand free in being the Eternal Self.

    So, how do you know if you have remembered your Eternal Self? You can’t, for how is it possible to know your Self, because you can only Be that Self, and being that, you will no longer seek any enlightenment. For now, you feel and live in the bliss of your being that is a state of contentment, joy, happiness and acceptance of all that is, free from desire and attachment, and experiencing the inner peace of the eternal, no longer attached to a body or ego, for now, you know what you truly are.

As the clouds disperse, let the Sun shine through.

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