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Friends Talk is an open blog that welcomes interaction not only with Friends of One members, but also with anyone who is seeking to know and understand why we are here in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and ignorance that denies happiness and the freedom to be what we are, which is Pure Consciousness free from fear and limitation.

The Mystery of Ignorance

Some of us enjoy a mystery because it challenges us to find the answer and reveal its deception.

Of course, mysteries are not always deceptive, for they are just another word for illusion.

Mostly, our mysteries in the world come about from our creating false concepts that lack the true knowledge behind reality and are nothing other than being based on ignorance.

However, there appears to be a continuing mystery of who or what we are, and why we are here in a particular body on a planet in an insular world.

Because this is a mystery, none of the answers holds any merit, and perplexed, we continue to pass it by.

But, is it possible that we are searching for answers that cannot be known in this world that we think is real? Then the questions remain because the world has no reality.

We believe that we are a body, and we have no doubts it is so, for we are surrounded by so many other bodies. As well, we constantly see new bodies being born as older bodies die and disappear. It is well known that through sexual intercourse conception occurs.

However, everywhere on earth, everything follows the same function of conception, birth, and death.

But, what is it that fills the bodies and makes them alive? It appears to come from something in the atmosphere that is unseen, and remains following the first inhalation and disappears following the last exhalation.

Does that mean that the mystery of Life in the body can only be solved as being unknown energies apparent in the atmosphere? That explanation may be feasible for this planet and its life energies but is that the same answer for the rest of the universe?

So now, the mystery has not been solved, for after measuring all the ions, elements, and gases in the atmosphere we are none the wiser, and even though the scientists can re-assemble all the elements in the correct proportions they cannot make an organism that becomes alive under controlled conditions.

Naturally, once a body is complete it is ready to accept the unknown vital force in the atmosphere.

That is what we call the X factor that can’t be measured or quantified.

As we proceed over the oncoming weeks we will enlarge on solving the mystery and will find that there is no mystery at all.

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