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Friends Talk is an open blog that welcomes interaction not only with Friends of One members, but also with anyone who is seeking to know and understand why we are here in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and ignorance that denies happiness and the freedom to be what we are, which is Pure Consciousness free from fear and limitation.

September Webtorial

Volah One Light Friends of One

September 2022 Webtorial

We have once more provided you with all the new uploads this month with
new insights on finding the awareness beyond the body and ending all thought
and illusion.
In our blog starting this month we are considering what it means to just waste
our energies through small talk and gossip. Such actions are only based on
externalities and leads us away from being the Truth.
During this month we are going to post selected articles from Douglas’ second
Journal writings. The First journal was published as “The Light Beyond the Self’
We are sure that this will cover many future blogs that will help increase your
understanding and Light.
As well for members there is a new Transmission from the Vortex as well as
two more Audio Transmissions from G
Wherever you are may you increase your awareness and Light.

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