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Reality July 2022


Reality is the Truth that underlies everything and it manifests as Pure Consciousness. Out of this level of Pure Consciousness  objects manifest.

When consciousness manifests perceptions appear in the background of consciousness, and as such these perceptions appear and disappear.

The presence of consciousness is essential to make a perception possible.

Without Self-consciousness we cannot be conscious of any objects.

Truth is the reality of Self, which manifests through Pure Consciousness, and out of consciousness an object or form manifests.

If one thing manifests to another object, then the first thing is actually manifesting itself as the background or consciousness a second object.

Consciousness manifests perceptions which suggests that consciousness is the background in which all perceptions appear and disappear.

Were you to see a table, the space around the table is lit up by natural light, which can’t be seen with the eye except in relation to a nearby object, and so the light isn’t emphasized. 

We have to realize for an object to be made manifest there needs to be two things present: The Object and the Light of Awareness.

It is only when the Light of awareness shines on the object that the object manifests. As such, consciousness manifests the object and the reality is behind the object.

In the world there are many forms and objects appearing to our perception. However, we use the word “form” to represent all manifest forms. What then is “form” that makes available the perception of all different forms?

Here we are using the word “form” that is something that is changeless and beyond the mind. By using the word “form: we are then bring it down to the level of the mind, which makes it what it is not.

In reality there is only one form, but due to the function of the mind through the illusion, it creates a variety of forms. But, beyond the mind the reality is changeless and there is no variety.

For instance, the forms of women and men are an ultimate reality as is the tree, and flower, and so on. Everything generic relates to forms that are a whole group or class. As such, there is no variety of forms  at the ultimate level.

In humans the generic naturally refuses to be limited , and the mind gives everything names. 

The mind sees the generic object as a particular object only, which is a self-deception, and it always chooses a particular name, which is how the world appears in the mind.

However, choosing the particular and not the generic reality, the mind can only see one object at a time, whereas, the reality is changeless and beyond the mind, so diversity cannot exist.

The word “form” is something that is changeless, and when we use the word, form, we bring it down to the level of the mind and not make what it is.

I want to emphasize regarding our understanding of reality, which is often called the changeless background, and is more readily known as consciousness.

I have already explained earlier in this blog about the process of the manifestation objects and forms. Generally through using the mind, it selects a particular object leading to witnessing its generality and believe that the generality is the object.

If we are Self-conscious when an object is seen from the Self-conscious level, it is not the particular or generality of the object, but the reality within consciousness..

Therefore we need to become more aware of the Truth, and when seeing a form in the manifestation  we  need to perceive the Truth behind the object, which is the same as our true Being and Nature. From then on when we look at an object what we see is the reality and consciousness of our true being reflected to our consciousness, and then our world changes.

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  1. Thanks for the insights here, as for all else that has been published on the website. I particularly appreciated July’s Transmission from Zadore,
    a couple of things ‘clicked’, probably because of all my intense recent studies, notes, breakdowns of principles and practices. Kind regards from
    Blade 🙂

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