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Friends Talk is an open blog that welcomes interaction not only with Friends of One members, but also with anyone who is seeking to know and understand why we are here in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and ignorance that denies happiness and the freedom to be what we are, which is Pure Consciousness free from fear and limitation.

October Webtorial

Volah One Light Friends of One

October 2022 Webtorial

Welcome to October which completes six months since we first uploaded Friends of One.

This month we are posting in the Vault for members new Insights, Transmission, and audio transmissions which are very popular with our members.

As well we are continuing to post weekly Blogs, the last one was posted on September 28.

Also, what’s new on our site is a new menu page called VOLAH. Click on this and begin to learn how the vortex affects your well-being and Light.

We are regularly extending our site content so keep visiting. We expect by November to release a new book, the first in a series titled “The Way to Self-Consciousness” and will be available for members and visitors in the Vault and Book section.

Thank you for visiting our site and you are welcome to email us or leave comments on the Blog.

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