May Insights

t’s may and the seasons are changing around the world, and as usual we are increasing our content that will provide our members and visitors with greater insights into their lives and values.

Our blog looks at honesty this month, something we need to encourage regularly relative to our desires and expectations.

Insights this month looks at duality  and our created world vision, plus new audio and text Transmissions.

Last month we made a comment on war and its relative effect on our personal values. 

Throughout the world the covid virus at last is being seen for what it is, which is another recurring virus to be added to the list that basically began one hundred and two years ago with the Spanish Flu, and has mutated ever since.

Nowadays, governments worldwide have realized that the only way to burn out the pandemic is to allow the virus to spread and create herd immunity, which unfortunately initially will cause an increase loss of life. But the answer is there as we witnessed with the original Spanish flu virus.

What we need to realize that there already are new variants of covid viruses morphing, but the body always has the power to build immunity. In the oncoming years we will see each year, like colds and flu outbreaks, covid strains manifesting. History repeats itself, and here there is no difference.

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