Have you ever thought what it is that leads you to embrace the call to begin the quest and journey to attain spiritual enlightenment, and discover what is beyond this world, a world dominated by pain, suffering both physically and emotionally? Is this seeking just another form of escapism, or the attempt to find safety by bonding with others of like mind?

Often, we enter into the search for greater meaning wanting to change our circumstances and that of others. Some individuals see this as an opportunity that puts them in power over the lives of others and their finances.

However, what attracts most people is the thought of becoming attached to some higher power or being, such as a god-figure or leader, that will protect and save them from the evil forces of the world we all share.

We read about saints, angels, Buddha, Jesus and many other Gurus and Prophets who will personally take us out of this world and lead us into a heavenly existence with them. 

It is time for honesty, honesty with our self. What are your expectations for reaching a higher state of understanding, God or Self? Just what are your expectations, are they just read in a book, or the words of a self-claimed enlightened person? And more important, what do you expect to be the final outcome of your search will produce?

Let’s be honest with ourself and try and uncover just what it is that has led us to take up this journey in consciousness and spiritual awakening? Is it something that you were conditioned from childhood by your parents, following their religious practises and beliefs, or was it a personal experience of the hypocrisy of the pastor or others in the congregation?

Are you fed up with the gross materialism and anger and greed in this world and that in less affluent countries people live a simple life closer to God?

We need to reassess just what are our intentions and values are and be honest with ourselves and realize the truth behind our intensions. Did not Jesus say that we should not focus on the splinter in our brothers eye, but be aware of the beam in our own eye?

Wherever we roam in the world, whatever we see in other countries, we never go anywhere but only move our body around.

  What is real, and what you are seeking is not found anywhere in this world. It always is, and unchanging, it is your home eternally.