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Friends Talk is an open blog that welcomes interaction not only with Friends of One members, but also with anyone who is seeking to know and understand why we are here in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and ignorance that denies happiness and the freedom to be what we are, which is Pure Consciousness free from fear and limitation.

January 2023 Webtorial

Volah One Light Friends of One

January 2023 Webtorial

Welcome to another new year. Traditionally people have been told it is time to make resolutions for the new year and many follow this tradition only to find after about two weeks they have already broken their resolutions.

We should never have to wait until the end of a year to make changes in our life and behaviour. Every day we awaken to a new life, a new beginning in consciousness where we have to live in the Moment and ignore all past memories, the present that is based on the past and an expected future.

We are continuing to post new blogs on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th of the month, so be aware of these dates.

This year we are posting new monographs for all members free in the vault. We hope to increase benefits for members during the year. Come and join others as members and awaken your consciousness to new levels of understanding.

Look forward to working with you in Light.


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