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Insights Two

In the previous Insights we discussed the function of the Vital Force and how it affects our consciousness.

The first contact the body has with the Vital Force is with the inflowing breath which mixes with the consciousness developing the mind and thoughts, which remains until the last breath is taken.

Basically, the life cycle of the breath maintains the ongoing function of the consciousness of the body and the concepts of being , existing, and the I-am-ness, that is responsible for the original thought, which is called the I-thought..

As human beings we communicate with one another through the function of the body senses, and it is the presence of the I-am-ness that we have this sentience. Through thought we are able to develop sound, words garnered from the sensual impressions that activate the various centres in the brain. Which is converted into knowledge that is then stored in the brain. Although we think we are extremely knowledgeable, we are unable to communicate with all the other species on earth due to the limitation of consciousness.

All other life forms are able to communicate with their own species using sounds and body gestures. Although all species of the earth, including plants, share the same consciousness that is universal, which is the result of the Vital force being inhaled.

We call what is actually the Vital Force, air, but it is mor than that, The air contains several gases, and not only oxygen; The atmosphere, is also flooded with ions which have different electrical charges, and the highest frequencies are radiated from the Sun throughout the solar system to all planets. Every planet has a positive core of energy that has opposite polarity to that of the Suns radiating ions. As such the life on all the planets differ relative to the strength of its core.

The relative concentration of the positive and negative ions vary daily, and because the earth bodies are composed of these ions they are seen to live and have their existence in this sea of ionic interactions.

To understand this further the bodies have to continually breathe in these ions and also to eat a variety of foods to extract the minerals that contain the Earth’s positive ions to maintain the bodies structure and in turn, remain healthy and active. If the body cannot assimilate the earth ions, it becomes weak and is said to die.

So, what then is the importance of this information? If the body cannot maintain its existence then the consciousness cannot manifest, nor the vital force. Consciousness can only manifest where there is an object present, without a form, the universe cannot exist or manifest. So, would you cease to exist? Yes your concept of what you are, a individual body, ceases to be.

But you existed before there was a body, because something was prior to this body coming into existence. And that is eternal. We constantly think that we are a body, and as long as we think that we are subject to ignorance and limitation and remain disconnected from our true source of Being

We have to realize that the Life Force in the universe is not limited to manifestation, but is eternal and of the ONE. However, it is through our consciousness, however limited it is, that we are able to see beyond the manifestation and become aware of the core of our being. If there is a purpose to pursue here on Earth, then this is where you begin.

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