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Insights Three


April 2022

In an earlier Insight we saw that consciousness requires a body to manifest in this dimension. As such, we can realize that consciousness is everywhere and not limited to one particular dimension.

We can see that space is everywhere, and for the want of a better word, space is only perceived because of emptiness and nothingness. But, because we see objects and forms, then space is a background over which everything appears as a manifestation, and when such objects and forms are destroyed, all that remains is an apparent emptiness from what we were accustomed to see.

However, as I have just said, space is a background in which things appear and disappear, and that background is consciousness. Con-sciousness includes everything that manifests in the Universe, and everything that manifests in consciousness has the potential to be. As such, in space is also Self Consciousness, which has the potential to be, and Self Awareness is the knowledge and awareness of all existence.

Self is the I AM that is ‘I’,  that is, the One Eternal Consciousness.

Realizing this. We need to focus our attention back to the Earth and the body, which is where we are now present, and we do not want to move away from here until we are aware of this presence. We have, through the body, limited consciousness, which is the only thing that we can utilize, and which will lead to understanding of what this background is, and because we do not know and realize that it is the body consciousness that through its union with the Vital Force, creates a mind that causes us to think that what is real is only an illusion.

As such, we are incapable of knowing anything beyond the body of who or what we actually are. All of our initial work is to learn and allow us to learn and understand what the consciousness and mind allows us to reach beyond the world of illusion, and perceive the fullness of the background which is all consciousness.

Therefore we have to see the objects and forms that constitute their existence in our mind. This is where we are now and working. However, we think that all our toys and concepts are built on phenomena that takes control of our interests, and these are plenty, and entertain our mind, and only lead us deeper into the illusion.

So what are these conceptual toys? They range over many distractions ranging from astrology, seeing auras, palmistry, divination, conspiracy theories, and so on, that occupy our mind and become involved in the occult learning all the secrets of a counter world hidden from our understanding.

The same concepts can also be said about science, where it is thought that the Earth’s Nature contains secrets that only they have the power to extract.

Once you have been drawn to learn and remember your true nature and Light, first all this ignorance and illusion has to be cast aside, because you are determined to reveal all that you truly are in consciousness.

That can only be done here and now, and not after your body dies when it returns to the universal consciousness.

You have to become quiet and open to realize what you really are.

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