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Insights September: Living Through A Body

 Insights September 2022

It is quite natural for everyone to live in the world through a body, however,
the body is an object that exists because of consciousness and without
consciousness manifesting, the body ceases to exist.

So, it is important for the body to continually maintain its energies so that
consciousness remains present. For this to happen we have to eat a variety of
food to assimilate the vital essences that produce health and wellbeing. The
body is able to extract the vital essences from the air through attentive

When the body is no longer able to attract the vital essences it dies and the
consciousness returns to its source. The body is an object that begins its
manifestation from the male sperm within the womb and shares the mothers
When the body is fully formed it exits the womb as a complete object, and
should it be unable to attract the vital breath and consciousness then it cannot
have life.

For a form to manifest life it has to attract both the vital force and
consciousness simultaneously. The body through the senses and the brain
becomes aware of its objectivity which develops through the presence of the
ego, a thought that it is a separate entity and becomes identified with the body
and is an individual personality.

Due to the dominance of the ego thought, the body exists in a world within
consciousness, which is fragmented, limited and illusory. The real purpose of
the body is that of being an object for processing consciousness and having
limited awareness due to the influence of thoughts engendered by the ego.
As such, we live in what we can call an awake dream state believing that our
reality is dependent on the body and brain, whereas, it is only an illusion in
Everyone accepts that there is a world in which we live and are ignorant of it
being a thought due to the action of the ego. However, our world is based on
our limited consciousness , but when time ends, all thought also ends, and
with that our world ends.

Being told that we have an ego that creates thoughts and desires that will lead
us to experience pleasures and happiness lulls us into a false sense of security
that ends in pain, suffering and unfilled relationships. Following this we look
for someone or something for help and relationship to restore the pleasure
that has been lost. But it is a repetitive loop which we follow in our ignorance.
As human beings we first created gods and goddesses that have special powers
and would protect us from abuse and danger and creating a world that was
safe and happy for us to live in.
There have been so many gods, the major ones lived on mountain tops: and
lesser ones that controlled Nature; and the house gods. Basically, the
mountain top gods were always at war with each other and had little time for
Eventually, over time and following the expanding human consciousness those
gods began to disappear, being replaced by various singular gods that were
supposed to care about their believers. But because of these gods being
personal this has created division in humanity.
In this Insights I have included the god concept to illustrate just how it is based
on fear which excludes humanity from living the truth of their being.
Any change in consciousness and awareness comes down to the individual
experience, and being individual means living in ignorance of who we are, and
missing the Truth, which is, we are one in Self.
We know that all is not right in this world we accept as our reality, yet we are
so attached to our world that we are bound to living in repetition where time
has ceased and our thoughts flow through consciousness repetitively day after
day. As such, our mind and body have limited experiences, living totally in the
past without any present or future.
This my friends is the basis of our illusion where we live in that awakened

However, there is always that fleeting urge within our consciousness that there
is something within that is present and unchanging as the body ages. That is
the feeling of ‘Me’ or ‘I’ that tells us to remember that we are something real
and eternal which is not limited to time and space.
So, all is not lost because that something is always watching and observing our
thoughts and memories, our actions and reactions in the world, and this

watching develops within our being a state we call conscience, which creates a
reflection of what is observed, and gradually we begin to turn and be aware
that we are being controlled by our thoughts and memories, which causes
attachment to this repetitive state of being.

There are only so many thoughts and memories that occupy the mind, which
itself is not limited by time and space. Within mind there is a great emptiness
which cannot be filled by the body thoughts and memories, and this state of
emptiness in the mind is yet to be filled with Pure consciousness and

Become silent; end all thought; and move your consciousness into that vast
emptiness and end all repetition and illusion, and then become One in the Self
Awareness, which is you.

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