The Way to Light and Freedom

Zadore Speaks

This month we are going to allow Zadore to provide us with an understanding of what is necessary for us to move along the Way to Light and Freedom.

The message that flows through these Transmission has one major purpose, and that is to assist you to remember yourself. It is only by self-remembrance that you will be able to become once again the being of Light that you already are. Freedom is at hand NOW! Desire it!

(Walk of Life pp 116 EVOL)

Your walk of life appears unique to you, or that is what you are led to believe. Is it unique to be downtrodden, to suffer indignities daily; to live in poverty; to continually desire wealth…?

(Walk of Life pp 117)

How does your Light Being convey information to you, such as Freedom, Love, and Success? It does not talk in words, for words and their thought patterns only come into existence as your brain becomes aware of the frequencies flowing through it at the rate it can translate and create coherent thought patterns that are the basis of the Third Dimensional Consciousness.

(Walk in the Light pp 136)

Do you see where you are now? Look at yourself, and see how you are living, thinking, and behaving. Do not blame others for your circumstances for you and only you are responsible…

(Surrender pp 53)

Perfection is not necessary, rather it is the becoming that is important here. You are beginning to dwell more and more in the Vortex, and through this, you begin to clear your vision of all the muddying and colourings that prevent you from being already what you are. Do not place difficulties in your path, for it is only through simplicity that you become One Light again. You are moving into freedom. Do not doubt, for doubt is an ego function designed to hold you back.

(Surrender pp 54)

Offer and surrender all that you desire to the Light, including your ego, and the more ardently you desire to BE the One Light, then will all petty desires fade into obscurity.

(Surrender pp 56)

The body acts as a mirror in your consciousness and the (body) consciousness is intricately connected with yours…

Open your eyes and move through your memory patterns, for you display them daily before each other, and it is only that you are asleep to what they are saying.

(Body Consciousness pp 87)

What I have been speaking about relative to feeling the body is consciousness, for feeling is that act of being aware of the different frequencies of consciousness that flow through your total being down to the level of the Earth-body, through it and out into the dimensional consciousness of the Earth Being itself.

(Move into the Vortex pp 135)

It is important that you continually study all these Transmissions and master the changes in consciousness to where they are leading you to. This is the way by which you will be able to break free from all the Astral control over your ego. These Transmissions are being moved through Jon and both Jon and Rose are writing them for you so that you too can experience freedom in all dimensions. You, in turn, should make the Transmissions available for others whom you know are struggling to be free, for the Transmissions are meant for everyone on the planet because the Earth requires all its consciousness to move it into the Fourth Dimension. Those who are not prepared to move will lose their bodies and return to the Astral Dimension. Feel inspired by your freedom and allow your Light to direct these teachings to all others.

The Transmissions are destined for all humanity and not only for those living in a stable safe economy. All bodies on earth are the earth’s bodies and part of its consciousness.

There is no need for missionaries in this work as once your Light is exposed into the Third Dimensional Plane it will affect others who move through your field of Light, and as you enhance the consciousness of the Earth by radiating the warmth and Love of Brahman, others will be affected by you.

No matter where your earth-body is, you can and will move Light and energy to the earth, for you will be constantly attuned to the information flowing through the Vortex of Light and Healing, for you are the expression of Brahman.

No matter where you are or what you do you will express Light when you focus your consciousness away from your ego and illusion.

(The Power of the Moment pp 192/193)

If we follow Zadore’s insights, then there is no better time than now to give of yourself. Possibly you can make a gift of one of the books written by Zadore, Jon and others, and in this way share the Light and freedom that VOLAH offers everyone who may be struggling to find the Way.

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