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Insights June


June 2022

There is a world that we accept because we face life as being something that exists around us. There is ME, and I have a body that I assume is me. Why is this?

Through the body senses the world outside us is experienced, as well is the body’s consciousness that sets us apart from the world as well as other people similar to me.

This is the world of duality where we consciously experience ME and everything beyond me. Me and you, you and others.

I may think that I am aware and separate from other forms that I see, and this allows me to interact with everything outside of me, and so, although I know I am here, then everything outside me exists.

But in the darkness alone in my bed I am unaware of anything else except memories that are long gone.

I accept these memories knowing that when I fall asleep, and move from dreams into a dreamless state, where I have no reality of conscious existence that eventually I will awaken and return to what I call reality where I resume being ME, apart from all others.

Where then have I been while I was nowhere? We call it deep sleep where we enter the unconscious that is dreamless.

Would you say this dreamless state is non-existence, or that it is our true reality?

We are only aware that we are a body during part of our daily cycle and invest in all kinds of thoughts and concepts to ensure that this is our permanent state of Being and Life.

We cannot escape because it is inevitable that of a body which ages and dies. We say we accept this , however, that is only to allay the fear of non-existence, and we can never escape the thought that at some time we will cease to exist.

Humanity has developed concepts to counteract the fear of annihilation, death and the unknown at the end.

Many individuals will say: ‘I am young and do not have to worry dying, and have my whole life in front of me, to explore and enjoy’.

The years fly by and soon fear develops that this life may soon end, as others around them begin to die. There becomes that acceptance that death is inevitable.

Religions fail to end this fear, how could they not help anyone when ultimately know that there is no God, but only a concept that they have told others. Then they recognize that their own humanity is no different to those they minister to.

Why then are humans so desperate to believe in a heavenly state when inwardly they know that the heaven concept is only a myth to allay the fear of death?

Obviously, when we look at all earth species we think that we are the superior species, and we cannot see that in their natural environment, these animals have no fear of death, so why is it that we place ourself beyond all creation? It is only because we have accepted the thoughts and concepts of others who pretend to have greater insight than us.

What is the purpose of our body, and is it any different to that of all other animal species?

All forms and bodies are necessary for consciousness to manifest in the world. The body has no other purpose, and because of the manifestation of consciousness through a form, we have awareness that we exist.

How often do you think what the truth is? Or, do you just follow the pack and accept that a heavenly place awaits you?

Mostly, we look toward there being heavenly intervention from a personal God that will protect us from any suffering following the body’s death.

It is only when we begin to recognize the duality of our mind and its thought processes that we begin to see a tear in the fabric of life and consciousness, and that crack is duality.

The world only exists on a concept, and the acceptance of there being a duality of consciousness.

Without the concept of duality, this world would not exist, and all illusion would end, and we would not remain in this limited consciousness in a body.

When you consider what has been said here, you will realize that it emanates from a basic understanding of what is. How often do we congregate in a group to gather comfort by sharing common concepts that makes us feel safe and secure?

We have to look within and realize what we are not, because only that will lead us out of this world that we have created and accepted through our identification with our collective community.

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