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Insights July

Insights July 2022

We talk about our life, environment, body and the world we live in. It all seems so simple and we don’t have to think about what we need to do to exist in our daily life. It has become a habit, something that repeats itself day after day.

By the time we reach the age of forty we assume that we do not need to continue studying, because we are at that stage in life where we have become satisfied with our place in the world. We may feel comfortable with our work, relying on our early education and feel more secure with our capabilities, no longer dissatisfied , but enjoying the health and security that our life provides. In fact, we have fallen asleep to what life should really offer.

But it is not all a bed of roses, and there is something unknown in our being that does not accept this lethargy and uncertainty. Something demands that we awaken from this false sense of security of which we have no control.

We are reaching a stage where there is the need for a ‘shock’, a new inciting event in our life that provokes action.

What is this shock? It is the change in circumstances that forces us to change direction with our thinking and desires about life.

How common it is for us nowadays to come home and spend the evening watching sport or movies on our streaming services which we say relaxes us after a stressful day?

However, all this is just a way of escapism where we attempt to block out any sense of reality, but there is something within our consciousness that demands attention, and if we continue to remain self-satisfied then something just happens out of nowhere that puts our life into jeopardy.

We may suddenly face financial stress, the death of a loved one, or a fatal illness.

This creates a great impression on our well being and also all those around us. We may feel stressed and sink into depression or grief and lose control.

Everyone faces up to shocks in life in different ways, sometimes reverting back to their habitual ways and riding out the storm, where they feel safe. Mostly these shocks demand a change of mind, especially how we appreciate life.

If we do not see the need for change, hen we fall asleep and miss the opportunity that our Self is giving us.

This is how life and consciousness flows and it is not personal, and if we do not learn from this opportunity that we receive now. And fall back asleep, then we have to await another time where consciousness leads us forward.

It is a matter of awareness, becoming aware of what we are not, which is living in an illusion, separated from out pure consciousness and Self.

No one can tell you that your aware of your true nature and reveal to you the error of your ways. No one has the power to do that, and if they try, eventually will experience their own state of ignorance.

We must not attempt to influence another person’s life just because we think we know better, because we are only increasing our ego’s power over our mind and feelings.

We have to respect others and allow life to show them the way, as we should do with our own life.

If another feels they need to ask for guidance you can respond but not attempt to tell them what to do. That is the wrong response. What we have to do in these instances is to just listen.

We do not have the responsibility for another person’s life, even if they are our children. When they are small they need help and direction. However, once they reach the age of twelve, it is time to allow them to make their own decisions and not to be helicopter parenting. Life is everyone’s teacher even ours.

Forget about what others are doing and become aware of what you are doing. That’s enough and begin to follow the golden rule.

Unless we can learn to allow everything and not control, we will always be separated from our own inner Light and our true Self.

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