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Insights August

 Insights August 2022

Today I will discuss the relation of an object or form relative to the Pure Consciousness of Self.

Objects are seen by our mind through the senses as they manifest in our world in consciousness. What we need realize is that an object is only seen and realized because of our mind and awareness. An object has no existence without a subject, such as our conscious awareness being present.

You should understand that it is only through our presence that an object can manifest through our awareness and being present. What I mean by this is that an object is only a thought, and can only manifest out of a thought. Thoughts manifest due to the consciousness of Self, and all thoughts have their source in Self.

Self is all that is, and everything that manifests in what we call the world actually is an extension of Self Consciousness, which has often been referred to as being Pure Consciousness. As well, Self is the Awareness that makes the object have an appearance in consciousness.

An object can remain as an object only if it remains distinct and being separate from you, and yet connected with you in a subject-object relationship. An object has to give up its objectivity in order to be one with you, or to be identified with you when known.

This happens at the relative level of the ego, and as well at the absolute level, and with identity established in either one. At the level of the ego, the ego loses itself in the object and becomes identified with as it does with the human body. But in the absolute level you make the object lose itself in your consciousness forever.

When you experience deep sleep you are identified with Pure Consciousness, or peace beyond time. It can never be called present when your consciousness is in deep sleep. But, when you refer to this deep sleep state from the waking state you call it a preceding state, and because of that assumption it only becomes an idea.

Similarly, every thought or perception is nothing else other than the ultimate reality or knowledge at that moment when you know it. Subsequently you make an idea of it which is not the thing referred to it at all. This is the Truth of the whole world which, through many thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, is nothing but Pure Consciousness.

Objectiveless Consciousness 

I-AM is the self-luminous consciousness. It can be said that ‘I’ first manifest myself as objectiveless consciousness as my true nature or self-luminosity.

It is this objectiveless consciousness that expresses itself as an idea or a sensual object, and you say you perceive it.

But when the so-called perception takes place the apparent object loses its limitations and content. Consciousness then stands as the objectless Self. Therefore, it is nothing else but the Self that you present.

The destruction of an object means that it has disappeared without leaving any trace of its existence, such as, when the body expires, as well as when the object is only an idea. In the worldly sense, destruction only means disintegration in any manner.

You cannot destroy anything by cleaning, correcting, or mending it at the same level. This is why devotion cannot destroy the mind, and lead you to a state of peace limited by time.

Real destruction is only activated subjectively by seeing the object as nothing other than your Self.

The body senses and mind are supposed to be the clothing of the real Self within. Those who are ignorant emphasize the clothing and lose sight of the Self. To alter this concept, is to make the clothing of the Self as thin as possible to see through it. In other words, make the body senses and mind lose their significance as objects and become only pointers to the Self.

The elimination of an object must be seen through three states of consciousness with the same examination of each state. Unknowingly you are already doing this, but you now need to understand it.

When a precept appears in the waking state it is a function of the senses.

When concepts as ideas are added the dream state arises , and when the deep sleep state arises, which is beyond the mind, appears.

Only then can you, being the presence of the object, and after you have examined and applied your observations to all three states is it known.

Objectivity does not pertain to the object on account of you. Consciousness objectified is the object. The object is an object because of you. The world of objects never affects anyone except through our thoughts, therefore, the only thing needed to be free is to transcend all thought.

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