Welcome to Friends Talk.

Friends Talk is an open blog that welcomes interaction not only with Friends of One
members, but also with anyone who is seeking to know and understand why we are here
in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and
ignorance that denies happiness and the freedom to be what we are, which is Pure
Consciousness free from fear and limitation.

We often talk about the difficulty of using words to express what cannot be expressed,
and so we try and stretch the language, or invent a more simple approach.
It is quite interesting in this day and age to witness how many people want to voice their
views on many apparent social problems, and often their views are so self-centred that
they have no idea of what they are criticizing let alone be of any positive benefit for
others and are only seeking replies as ‘likes’ and gaining followers.
What a waste of energy, a waste because it produces negative effects, not only on the
writer but on others in the world.

Often people rattle on about spiritual values, and so on, yet the greatest spiritual values
are those we relate to relationships, either personal or general.
It is common to see that main stream news outlets are supposed to print the facts, but
that hardly occurs now. There is always hype based on the personal opinions of the
journalist; with suggestions of what might be, which is designed to produce doubt and
fear in the reader.

All this is a reflection of our world, its values, virtues, and wellbeing, where everyone
seeks to live in a world of peace and happiness.

In most countries of the world there is a movement away from organised religion, but
that does not suggest a lesser dependence on god or the desire of the individual to
reach a greater depth of inner awareness of being and living in the truth of what is, and

thereby moving beyond the sensual and moral behaviour of the institutions, but reaching
a personal relationship with their god or Self. Reaching a more noble existence
constitutes being human, which recognizes the oneness with each other, and inwardly
seeking peace and understanding that we are all connected within the universe.
Instead of just seeing the differences in others based on the body such as colour of the
skin, race, and language, but seeing the oneness that we all share as human beings.

Once we find this unity and love within our own self we are then able to see beyond body
traits and differences and this realization reveals the purity of the absolute oneness
within all of us.

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