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in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and
ignorance that denies happiness and the freedom to be what we are, which is Pure
Consciousness free from fear and limitation.

Journal Two – Day One


There is no need for dates, and this is the second Journal that follows on from the first journal which was published here in the book, The Light Beyond the Self, and is a continuing moment, a moment that is little understood; always searched for, but is lost the moment it is found.

Everyone seeks to know it and uses intellect to find it. What they do not know is that it is already found, but because the mind catalogues and names everything, what is not a thought, the moment, cannot be remembered.

When the body becomes aware in consciousness after taking its first breath, it becomes separated from its source in Pure Consciousness and forgets. Due to our limited awareness in the body, we use the intellect to view our manifestation relative to as being general or particular things.

When we assess how the mind works we find that it is all about becoming aware of forms and objects that compose the world in our mind.

When we perceive another form, animal, in Nature we see it in two ways, either particular or generally, but usually generally, because that is how we catalogue everything through the senses.

However, we should try and ‘see; objects in the world as having a particular function in consciousness, and rather than allowing it to be generally, we should, through understanding its state of being, and absorb it into the consciousness and complete its true state in manifestation. Once we do this there is no more generality and for us, that object ceases to manifest in our world as an object but as consciousness.

By transforming the object it has no memory in our mind because it is then only consciousness. But we follow the way of generalizing everything and filling our mind with worthless thoughts and memories, and not being able, in silence, to begin to be in the Eternal Moment.

The discovery of the Eternal Moment needs no discovery, but only becoming aware of our true nature, because we are ignorant of what we are other than a mind or body that is dependent on its senses to daily act in the world we have created, with a little help from our friends that we associate with.

Are we living a happy life? No one can answer that in the affirmative.

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