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Finding the Truth

September 21

Journal Two – Day Three

Finding the Truth

9. Nothing begins or ends, and everything in Being just is and that is the end of that which asks and questions.

10. This may seem an unusual way of opening to consciousness but it is the only way to understand our presence in the world through a body.

11. What then is this form that is now imposed on my consciousness a few days ago and why has it been named?

We need to go back some months when two forms got together and instinctively had a pleasurable experience.

12. This is where I came into the picture when the sperm fed the ovum and the process of life continued where a new form began its growth in my Consciousness. There was nothing said, because in consciousness there are no words or language and it is something that has occurred trillions of times. But I can only say that I had no awareness of that event.

13, Through being Pure Consciousness and experiencing peace and love, this new form is nurtured by me within the host body while it continues to complete its transformation into a living form. 

When it has reached its fullness it prepares to move out of the host into the manifest world. However, this form remains in my consciousness until it no longer manifests.

14. Light Shines

Yes, Light shines on this new form where it appears in the manifest world.

It is the Light of Awareness that shines on and in this form and what follows is In breathing and the manifestation of consciousness and existence. 

This form which we call the human body craves nutrients to maintain its continued growth and consciousness.

15. This brings us back to where we left off in the last post, and now happens that the new form begins to become more and more dependent on the body and its developing senses for knowledge and understanding.

Throughout this process, the consciousness becomes worldly and forgets Me, and lives in a limited awareness where its dependence on the senses creates a world of illusion around itself. I will still be here and maybe it will remember Me again.

16. I must tell you now that these chances are pretty thin and unfortunately I need to repeat this process many times.

To be continued.

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