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Finding Truth

September 14

Journal Two – Day Two

Finding the Truth

  1. Roaming through consciousness we are born in a world that appears to be ready-made and I just had to find a way to become acquainted with the surroundings and learn how it works.
  2. It is just like waking up from a dreamless night, where there is no memory of anything. It is as if something has just appeared around me out of consciousness.
  3. Nothing was clear, and I could not see anything properly before my eyes adjusted to my surroundings, although I had little awareness of what was happening. All there was the need to get the nourishment that was freely given and was satisfying and I returned once more home to my dreamless state not knowing that soon I would again move into this strange world, where I was awakened because this body required sustenance over and over.
  4.  I was quite content being where I was. Of course, that hadn’t changed and I was still aware of the consciousness that brought me here – The Pure Eternal Consciousness that filled me with Love.
  5. Being eternal, I continue to Be, but it looks like I am now saddled with observing this thing that has now become active in my consciousness.
  6. Unfortunately I was unaware of this happening and that says something about my not having any other awareness of this new condition. Now there seem periods of sleep and awake that is allied to time and space and the coming and going of other forms waving things in front of me which made strange sounds, and all of a sudden I rise up in the air and float around all these forms, and eventually I am put down and go back to sleep.
  7. You may ask why this is. But what you have to know about Me is that everything in consciousness exists now, where there is no time or space; no memory; past or future. I exist eternally and have no particular relationship with anything that occurs within my being of consciousness.
  8. No one here who can ask me who I am because there is nothing outside of me to ask any questions because I am beyond all externalizations.

To be continued:

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