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October 7

Journal Two – Day Five

Finding the Truth

20. We live in a self-created world, one that is created within our mind, due to the mind being taken over by our ego, which from about the age of three begins to be conditioned by the world conditioning, as well as our parents and siblings.

It slowly develops and we are not aware that it is happening. The ego gradually imposes its control over the body and mind in an attempt to shore up its survival and influence in the created world of the individual.

As well, the ego actually is responsible for initiating within the body’s consciousness the illusion where it blocks out our natural connection with Self-awareness.

From then on we become outwardly focused on the world and nature through the dependence on knowledge that is based on sensual experiences.

21. At a young age this is where I found myself split between what I considered to be two worlds, and there was no answer to this, and more and more I began to become more attentive to the body and the world around me.

22. What constitutes this world that we take for granted as being a reality? We can call it an objective world because it is composed of objects which are perceived by the body’s senses. Also, it is important to realize that through the body’s senses we see or perceive objects, that the body is also an object. Therefore, if there was no consciousness available for the body, our world would not exist.

23. Obviously then, everyone’s world is dependent on consciousness for their reality. Consciousness only appears when an object is seen, and for a body to be conscious awareness must be present.

Consciousness is not limited to only any particular body, but unless the object is aware that it exists there is no consciousness available.

Here, what we are talking about is the fact that it is the senses that create the awareness that there are other forms and objects.

24. If the human body is stillborn there is no awareness or consciousness. When an animal body is born there is consciousness as well as the instinctive senses that appear with the consciousness. However, not having a mind like the human form, the animal body is not aware of its own objectivity,

Animals are conscious of other objects and forms but unaware of their own objectivity. For instance, a cat will see itself in a mirror but thinks it is another cat and walks behind the mirror to find it. It does not recognize its own image.

25, It is our mind and ego that creates the awareness of our body and its relationship with other bodies and objects. This is not especially known by us after the body is born and relies on the consciousness being available, and later being conditioned to believe that by accepting names we enter into the illusion of what we accept as a reality.

I wanted you to direct your attention to the beginnings of consciousness as it appears following the body’s conception and birth in the Pure Eternal Consciousness. We need to direct to that moment and then understand that there is no beginning in consciousness and no end and that we must become aware that we are not the object but eternal consciousness that is The Self.

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