Friends Talk with Douglas October 28

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November 7. 2022 Identifying

Mostly everyone is identified with their life in a body, ego, and illusion that their world becomes what they are, as a particular species on earth, have created for themselves.

However, our participation is in a world that we think has been created by an external big bang, and this leads us to believe the world provides us with a common shared experience.

When consciousness enters a body through the inhalation of the Vital Force we have no awareness, at that moment, of where we are in this world we have entered. It all seems to be a very strange and unknown place when our eyes adjust to our limited surroundings and we reach out our hands to touch what we see, which begins the first development of our senses.

Initially, all our consciousness and attention exists internally in the Pure Consciousness where it was in the womb and even afterwards in the body we still feel safe in a new body.

Little do we know that whatever our age is our body reaches even after we have forgotten or blocked out our true nature we often perceive the memory we first experienced after the body’s birth when we lived in the awareness of the Pure consciousness in peace and security. What we do not realize is that no matter what age of the body is Pure Consciousness is still with us ever-present.

This leads to the question as to why the body was ever born into a world of suffering and pain and accepting an illusion that leads us to experience ignorance of our true being.

Often, we reason that this world has always existed and our parents opened our eyes to its reality leading to our acceptance of what we were told.

So, the original question is whether we created our world or as we are told that it has always existed.

How often do you ponder the so-called reality or do you never think about it? The reality that the world was already prepared for you by a particular god explains everything and wraps it all up.

For those who do not accept the god concept of making the world but replace it with the Universe as being the creator is just swapping one name for another and not getting anywhere.

Obviously, it depends on how open your new body at birth is to the presence of the Pure Consciousness in which the body has its existence whether it accepts the limited body consciousness or the Pure consciousness as its centre of being. Mostly we accept the  body consciousness over the Pure consciousness because our thought of existing as a body blocks out all other awareness of our true nature,

So what is the where or wherefore for the body?

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