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Becoming Less Centred in the Illusion

What is the major problem everyone faces when they become aware that they have difficulty in being unable to become less centred in the illusion?

Basically, it boils down to how we can separate our consciousness from being identified with the world and body consciousness.

Obviously, we have never thought that there is anything beyond the world other than the so-called heavenly state that follows the body’s death. Such a state is taught to give us more freedom from all the impositions that are imposed on our happiness by the world.

Over several years we now find that those teachings about a special place are only designed for more spiritual people who have followed gods will, and who have attempted to cast out all grave sin.

Most people become obsessed with their concepts of spirituality and are so one-sided that they blame the material life as being a hindrance to their spiritual release from the world.

This alone is a complication because they are dividing the world in which everyone lives into two separate things, which are dualistic and a world of opposites.

How can their one-sided concept of what represents spirituality be a state of unity and not dualistic? In their mind, they have created a schism between the realm of one truth and duality.

What is wrong is that no matter who, whether someone is claiming to be a spiritual teacher or a guru, is able to talk about a union within apart from the outer objective world in which consciousness is limited by the human mind and the body’s senses. Of course, this is a human thing that is only a small part of all the earth’s objects and forms.

Humanity can only reach a balance in life and being by acknowledging that although we basically accept a world that includes our body, mind, and ego, then somehow we have to then see that as an integration with the Pure Consciousness in which the world and universe have their seat.

Therefore, shutting out the world and its objectivity creates a division, one that walls out all oneness and wholeness of consciousness.

Even though the body and mind are seen as being objective and distanced from what is thought to be real, the reality of truth is obviously for the awareness of the oneness in Pure Consciousness.

We do not have to maintain that separateness from reality, however, what becomes obvious is that there is another potential duality that occurs within the objective world as well.

We tend to focus on all the negativity that constantly occurs such as bad emotions, greed, violence, attachments, and the lack of happiness that is based on experiencing pleasure at a sensory level, which generally leads to more pain and suffering.

It is this negativity that a spiritual devotee focuses on to eliminate such negativity believing it to be the enemy of Light, but we know that any aggressive approach is based on illusion, unreality, and non-existence. So, why are these devotee-s focused on the world of illusion and would it be better if they could find the way divorced from their objective world and body?

It is only by becoming clear and utilising clear sight that we can become aware that the universe and manifestation actually consist of Pure Consciousness and the oneness of I AM.

The I AM does not cease to manifest in the objective world because it underlies the awareness inherent in every object and form,

We cannot see this and try to escape by developing ideas and concepts that are opposed to what is manifesting, and by following strict principles that are called spiritual values only creating a vision that has to compare with the objective manifestation.

We see in the world violence, suffering, and other negative states that emanate out of the illusion that is a duality built on opposites.

These opposites do not form a spiritual thought because it is only those thoughts based on goodness and the desire to be better, and accept that as being a plus in our consciousness, understanding and well-being.

All knowledge accessed in our spiritual search must create an awareness that the objective world is not bad, but only confused by negative desires of greed and total control over the human mind; not being one but many.

How do we find a compatible answer to what constitutes the spiritual way that also must include the objective way? Everything is one within and is Pure Consciousness and the I Am.

Within the Pure consciousness of Self, there is no spirituality because spirituality is based on concepts of the mind, and the mind has no awareness of the Truth of Being. All we have to do is Be and exist in the oneness of the Supreme Being.


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