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Unwanted Thoughts and Memories

This morning I received an email from M enquiring about thoughts and memories that are unwanted and what he could do about that.

This is a common question we all have and it is not only asked by everyone who is studying on the way, so I am going to answer it here on our blog so that everyone can join in unravelling this question.

Thoughts as well as memories are part and parcel of the function and flow of the mind. All thoughts continually flow into our outer consciousness and seem to appear and disappear, and we feel that there is nothing we can do to stop those thoughts that are constantly replacing other thoughts in an unending progression while we are awake.

Generally, there is nothing we can do to stop these thoughts because to do so we will have to alter the mind’s function and that is not possible or practical.

But we do have the potential to whether we accept or deny a particular thought. It is only when a thought captures our attention that we so often accept that thought and follow what it is thinking about. Then we are in trouble and unaware that we are being carried away by this thought,

We have to become aware of our acceptance of any particular thought or memory and this involves the utilization of the practice of observation. Only then will we have control over this unwanted function of the mind that destroys our peace of mind.

What is it that observes? I prefer to ask what is it that knows and what is the knower. Basically, the knower is a function of the eternal ‘I”, which has its reflection in the consciousness of the Light Essence.

We are all aware of the ‘I’ reflected by the I am of the mind because during the day we are always saying I am, something or other and so on. But being conscious of what I am is something different.

It is the function within our consciousness as the knower of what is observing the mind’s thoughts and memories. Here we are not using this process of observation to end any thoughts but to become aware of particular thoughts with passive observation. Observing thoughts in this manner we will realize that by being the knower there has to be something known, and in this case the thought or memory.

When we focus our attention on a particular thought we do not accept that thought but see it for what it is and that it is then known. Knowing the basis of thoughts we can dismiss them and they never return because we know what it is and that it has no importance in our consciousness or life.

We could say that when a thought is known and dismissed we are able to turn our consciousness in a different direction away from the mind and redirect our attention to the ‘I’ and our inner being where there are no thoughts and only silence.

Doing this should not be an effort for you because you are not doing anything but watching and attending to the cause underlying any thought.


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