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October, 7, 2023 

The End of the Third Time Loop

In this blog, I want to clarify and explain what the end of the third loop means for us. I am sure that many of you have read what Zadore has written about in the Transmissions, but there also seems to be some confusion with the Time Loop and the biblical messages of the last day and the End Time. 

What Jesus said to his disciples about the End Time that occurred beginning in about AD70 and ended around AD 135 with the destruction of Israel and the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem. Eusebius wrote…” all the families of the Jewish nation suffered pain worthy of wailing and lamentation because God’s hand has struck them, delivering their mother-city over to strange nations, laying their Temple low, and driving them from their country, to serve their enemies in a hostile land.”

And so, that was the fulfilment of what Jesus predicted as The End Times.

The present biblical prediction of the end of the world is based on what is called the Rapture, or the second coming of Jesus and is only a Christian belief, something not recorded in many of the other major world religions. As such, Zadore is not talking about the end of the material world but Consciousness.

What we need to know about the Time Loops I will outline here.

The first Time Loop began with the human morphogenetic patterns being reflected out of the Sun to the Earth’s consciousness creating new forms by utilizing the elements of the older patterns, enabling the new forms to increase greater consciousness for the Earth.

What we need to understand is that the present human forms have nothing to do with the concept of evolution because any one species cannot change into another species, otherwise, we would continually see that happening before our eyes now.

Each morphogenetic pattern is unique, and all earth forms, animal, vegetable and mineral objects as a whole are one unit that serves the continuation of the Earth’s consciousness and Being.

The present human body is the most recent and advanced pattern for consciousness and morphed at the beginning of the first Time Loop.

It is important to realize that the Time Loop has no relationship with the illusion. It is about consciousness and the human body’s function in the three-dimensional world and the outer centres of the body and how they serve the frequencies of the Earth’s being.

The three Time Loops of consciousness are linked to the three major outer body centres, the Physical, Emotional, and Mind Centres at the level of the Third Dimensional Consciousness.

It should be noted that the Earth’s consciousness is presently limited to the Third-dimensional level of consciousness and that all forms and objects are morphed solely to maintain the Earth’s continued existence.

The Three Time Loops correspond to the functioning of the mass consciousness of the Earth in line with the body’s outer centres, where one corresponds to the body’s personal development and the Time Loops with the total consciousness of the Earth. 

Zadore has said that each Time Loop is based on the change of the Earth’s consciousness with the individual human consciousness, and by the end of the Third Time Loop, will balance the Earth’s consciousness in line with the human consciousness.

Each of the Time Loops reflects the change and balance of the human being with that of the Earth’s being. Following the end of the third Time Loop, both the earth and human consciousness will move into the Fourth Dimensional Level of consciousness increasing the awareness of the planet and all its forms.

We are told that the end of the third Time Loop has nothing to do with any physical events such as climate or any other occurrences, because much of that is down to human ignorance and greed. Although generally, there are earth changes over millions of years,  that have no connection with the change in human consciousness, but are only earth changes that regularly occur similar to the changes for our bodily adjustments to age and illness.

Human forms have increased to over eight billion, creating a toxic overload of demand on the earth’s resources degrading consciousness and limiting its functioning at the lowest level by maintaining the illusion and the Third-Dimensional level of consciousness on the planet.

We have to realize that everything in reality is Pure Consciousness and what happens in the outer manifestation has no impact on the Pure consciousness and the Mind and the Self, and if the Earth is to increase its consciousness level, it is quality and not quantity that is needed.

We should not fear the future because there is never a future, for the future is only an illusion of time and does not exist in consciousness.

Once more, the End  Times and Rapture so-called predictions have nothing to do with the end of the third Time Loop, nor climate change although that may be challenging for all life on earth, but it will pass because is greater than its parts.

The most important thing for us to understand is that morphogenetic patterns will continue to morph on Earth no matter how many species are destroyed by Earth’s changes. What we need to know is that although new forms will appear, older forms will remain.

What we are witnessing is a change and advancement in consciousness in an expanded level of awareness with new forms that will allow the higher consciousness to manifest for the Earth. Regardless of that, all the previous patterns of the previous forms will remain. It is a new beginning of a wave of consciousness having a similar effect as the morphing of the human form that precipitated the first Time Loop. At that time there was no disruption to any of the previous active patterns on Earth.

The consciousness of those human bodies of the first wave will continue to manifest until the new consciousness of the Fifth dimensional consciousness exceeds that of the previous Third Dimensional patterns that began at the beginning of the first time loop. Many of the present forms that are moving into the Fourth Dimensional consciousness will remain in the present morphed forms and eventually move into the Fifth Dimensional forms following that stage when the body dies, so, we will see over time, a progressive reduction of bodies morphing into Third Dimensional bodies.

No matter what happens to the world, Illusion will gradually fade away as the patterns of the Fifth Dimensional consciousness will be the dominant level, and as such there will be no illusion or Astral interference, but the end of all ignorance, and the beginning of a new world consciousness.

Unfortunately, although there are no longer any time loops, there are those individuals still attached to their bodies, they will continue to serve the earth until the new consciousness elevates and frees them from the bondage that still persists in their consciousness.

I trust that this blog resonates with your understanding and ends all fear forced on our misunderstanding that there is a future that does not exist and will open your awareness to the One Light that we all One in that Light.


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