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November 14 2022

True Understanding of the World

We often talk about worlds believing that there must be more than just one world. 

On a general level of consciousness, there are so many worlds, possibly over seven billion. However, the problem is that we confuse the world as being the earth and vice versa; for us, there are many worlds and only one earth.

We have to be awakened to an understanding that the world is a state of mind where human beings react to and experience as being events that appear to just happen involving interaction through a body with another body and mind, as well as environmental changes involving the earth. We call these object expressions because they are experienced by the body and the senses as memories stored in the mind, without a body, there is no consciousness and in such a situation there would be no world or body.


Consciousness is all pervasive and nowhere is consciousness not present. Because we believe we are a body we think we exist; that we are sentient beings. But, when we are so identified with being a body we live the lie of the illusion. We cannot be anything other than consciousness because it is the only thing in life that is eternal in the Supreme Being. Just pause your reading now and try and just be your body. Notice that you have limited awareness and you are tricked into thinking that what you see as your body is limited by your eyes. It is interesting to note that when you close your eyes you do not see your body. When you go to sleep all your senses close down and your consciousness is temporally suspended, and here your body ceases to exist for you.

Next thing you begin to dream and your body consciousness is still set aside and the dream state is caused by your mind when it activates past memories that appear to be a conscious experience but it is only happening in your mind. 

All that you are and depend on for your awareness is an active consciousness that depends on the body’s presence. Without the mind and senses, there would be very little awareness. All there is that which knows you exist is the I AM. This is your only realization of conscious awareness through the activities of the body.

In between the dreams and waking state, there appear to be blank sections in the sleep pattern, but you are not dead because the body is still breathing, so consciousness is still present. This has been called deep sleep, and during these stages, your pure consciousness arises.

Now that Pure consciousness is the eternal I AM and your true nature. It was present before the body was born and remains in the background while the body lives, and when the body expires the same Pure consciousness remains. The so-called deep sleep is active when the waking and dream states are inactive and the mind ceases to function.

Although the Pure consciousness is present as the I AM in the deep sleep state you are not aware of its presence and eventually, you return to the dream state again.

When you move away from all identification of the body and mind with its thoughts and memories, all that is left is Pure consciousness which is your Nature.

Once in your waking state, you become aware of the Pure consciousness and the realization of the Self, and then that awareness will carry over int. the deep sleep state where you will experience the real Moment of Being.

When you are open to the Pure state of consciousness and realize that it is no more the background of the universal consciousness then whether it is day or night you will know and be eternal consciousness and all worlds will cease to be.

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