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Friends Talk is an open blog that welcomes interaction not only with Friends of One members, but also with anyone who is seeking to know and understand why we are here in this world and learn to recognize that we live in a world that is dominated by lies and ignorance that denies happiness and the freedom to be what we are, which is Pure Consciousness free from fear and limitation.


December 7 2022
The Season of Light

Spring is a season of the earth which heralds the promise of new growth, where the birds return with new green leaves as well as the shoots of new seeds sprout from the warming soil giving new growth to Adasha.

Beyond the Earth, in the Universe, the cycles of change move through the Universal Consciousness that cradles the Universe.

Due to the changing revolutions of the earth in its annual movement around the Sun, the life forces radiated by the Sun, to its planetary system constantly initiate growth through the radiations of the vital Life Force increasing the planetary consciousness.

Our being on the earth in a small body with limited consciousness receives its life energy from the Sun, the same energy is shared by all forms and objects that compose the earth’s total consciousness. However, the earth’s integrity is constantly challenged by the actions of human beings through their ignorance and illusion of their personal needs.

We are so identified with a body that underlies our self-importance that we are unaware that we are digging our own grave.

But it is time for us to begin to experience the new shoots of consciousness appearing in our awareness that are also being magnified in the consciousness of others who are awakening from the illusion of bondage and ignorance that blind us from ‘seeing’ the truth and reality that surrounds our body consciousness.

These changes are occurring outside our supposed future, which is outside time and space, because all is now, and we are unaware of that.

The world and its manifestation of objectivity cannot be realized beyond our restricted consciousness, and as human beings, we want to mirror and externalize everything to fit in with our sensual world concept and consciousness, but that is not possible.

The objective manifestation cannot be transformed by our mind into what fits our personal needs. We cannot utilize words and thoughts to transform what is beyond the limitations of our created worldview, for our so-called world is being witnessed by our mind, and without any world, body or mind there would be no world, for everything we think only exists as a thought.

We speculate that beyond the earth the great expanse of the universe is reflective of our higher consciousness, obviously because of our illusional thoughts of our memories of a conceptual universe of its presence and power provides us with a connectedness of being more real than the old gods’ creations of the past. However, this is only another creative thought that has always been used to stop the fear of insecurity of the body’s weakness. We have gone from the worship of the Sun as a deity and exchanging it with the Universe, and obviously, with human consciousness, nothing has changed only replacing one concept with another. 

Do you ever wonder whether whatever you create in your mind through thought has the potential power to make you more important in the eyes of others, or control the world around you? It is as if we equate space with consciousness not knowing that space is a limitation attached to time and consciousness.

How then can we believe that an inert object such as the Universe can have any more intelligence or power than a god modelled on a human body?

You will only receive answers to everything you think with your objective mind of the body. You have to stop seeking answers in the world through sensual knowledge. There are no answers there, so you need to become more inward-looking and there find the truth and reality that transcends all manifestation.

We love to name everything, our concepts as well as our own body, actually, we never named our body it was already done by others, and accepted both it as well as being a certain type of body, either a female or male. But we are neither because we are not a body but consciousness. So maybe you should begin to question just what name and gender have led you into accepting a world of ignorance and fear.

The consciousness of the Self cannot be objective, for it is pure reality and truth that cannot be objectified.

When you allow your mind to be quiet and just Be, what do you think you will experience? Nothing can be objectified from this world that we consider reality.

When you allow the Pure Consciousness to consume your brain, thoughts and memories you must first Be, be the knowing where there are no thoughts or identification, just peace, joy, and love. Unity and oneness.

There is nothing to do, no world, no objects, and no relationships, in fact, there is nothing of the world present, for you are all that is, the awareness of consciousness that is everything.

Living in a world of illusion, we observe and watch all our thoughts, emotions, desires, feelings, and attachments through the Watcher within the pure consciousness, something that is within the human body following its first breath, and we have to allow that watcher to observe all our thoughts ectara, and it will destroy every thought in our brain and mind that are not reality.

We have built a world of conceptual illusion around our body and mind that we believe is a reality and we do this because we have been conditioned that way being brain-washed to ‘see’ something that does not exist.

All this state of pure consciousness that I have written about here cannot be reduced to words, but it is through words that we can allow the truth beyond them in the silence to be known and understood.

I cannot write about what you should expect once you move beyond the limitation of your present state, because we tend to link such words with the unknown that we accept with our conceptual thinking, and that is far from truth and reality.

When the body dies, its worldly consciousness will be absorbed in the ocean of the universal consciousness. However, what you need to know is that all levels of awareness realized during your time in a body remain forever, for that is assimilated into the Oneness of pure consciousness and awareness that is eternal.


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