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November 21 2022
Limitations of our world and consciousness for our body

The mind cannot reach beyond the consciousness off the manifest dimension and so this limits our world and consciousness to the body.

On a deeper level, we use the body’s outer centres, the physical, emotional, and mind which reflect the lower dimensional levels of consciousness for us to understand the world around us.

Our brain and mind give us the awareness of being and existing through their association with the consciousness available for the body.

Our sensual objectivity manifests outwardly through the sensual impressions received by the brain from one or more of the senses at any one time, and through these impressions, we accrue all our knowledge of the earth and its nature.

Because our thoughts are generated by the activity of the Vital Force, which is a part of the body’s consciousness, we can create thoughts relative to our sense of existing, and this provokes one thought that I am the body, therefore I exist. From this initial thought, all other thoughts manifest.

The body’s consciousness depends on the presence of the Vital Force and such a combination adds all thoughts to the mind where we develop the power of reason and intellectualization.

Our awareness of the body mind and thought is the result of this first thought called the I-thought which the ego uses to become identified with the body and binds and limits our consciousness to the body.

From where has this I-thought arisen? Without awareness, the body as an object would not be present in consciousness. Awareness is ever present in the total Oneness of the Supreme Being. Unless the Light of Awareness shines on a form or object nothing will have consciousness.

For human forms, the three outer centres of the dimensional levels of consciousness must be present and active in the body following the first breath taken from the Vital Force for it to become manifest.

Our limitation as a form is due to the structure of the body which is only slightly more advanced than all other forms on Earth. However, the human form is composed of all the elements and functions of all other forms past and present. Because of all these memory patterns, the human form is considered to be the sum total of the earth’s manifest consciousness.

If the body’s consciousness is subject to functioning through the three levels of dimensional consciousness it is not much more advanced than all other earth forms. However, the human being has the mental and emotional potential to unify the three outer centres and reach the fourth-dimensional level of consciousness.

Once the mind and body consciousness achieves its potential and becomes aware of this new state it moves into the greater Light beyond the third dimensional, and it is born anew and will become open to the fifth level of consciousness in awareness of the Self.

From this dimensional state of Being, we are no longer attached to a body in consciousness and progress beyond Self into the Eternal Light of Awareness.

First, we have to make the transition to and from the first-dimensional level of consciousness where we are no longer bound to the illusion.

We have to look at the layers of sensuality that bind us to the world and earth. Our awakening to the fourth-dimensional level of consciousness requires that we peel back the layers of ignorance as we would peel back the layers of an onion, and when we get to the last layer there is nothing, only infinity and awareness.


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