Friends Talk with Douglas 
May, 7, 2023 
Sharing the Burden of Suffering


To be born in this world is to be born into suffering. We all know the depths and darkness of suffering as well as the beauty we have within which is often consumed by the dark acts caused by other people, groups, and countries.

Often we strive to reach happiness, something alien to our world of sensual body experiences, and unfortunately, we take our suffering personally.

Do you think that our world is built on creating multiple deaths from war and famine and that a good god does nothing and only helps those who have wealth and fame?

Does suffering create feelings of rage and revenge; when there is the grief of suffering that follows the death of a loved one we often feel guilty.

The deepest state of loss is when we are surrounded by darkness and despair, where inwardly we know that this is not the reality, for grief and suffering is not the loss of someone but our own selfishness thinking that we have been left behind.

How long will we remain in those re-current states of suffering, never finding joy, happiness and peace by reaching out and realizing and experiencing the beauty the earth has to offer?

We need to know that no matter what state of darkness and despair we experience, we will realize that love is a potent force available for everyone only if we allow it to enter our awareness.

It is a soul-destroying thing when as babies are born in the pure love of the eternal consciousness suddenly they have to embrace an unnatural negative world and are forced to be subject to endless suffering.

However, because of this blindness, love is still present no matter what age we are, and we are so unaware of just how close we are to experiencing that love in our world, a love that will turn suffering into happiness.

We can achieve this state by becoming aware of the small things that others express every day; a smile; a generous word; the touch of companionship; and the unasked deed.

This happens every day, everywhere in the world, and once we are touched by the kindness and generosity of others, we automatically reciprocate and allow our love to shine in the world.



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