Friends Talk with Douglas 
May, 28, 2023 
Cause and Effect No 2

To see the universe as it is, you have to move out of this elusive net of duality. Actually, that net is full of holes.

By looking at this net of desire we can see its many contradictions where you do and undo it in every step of your life. So, actually, you want peace, love, and happiness, and you work hard to achieve that desire, but instead, you experience war, hatred, and pain.

You may seek to live a long life, but you overeat; you seek lasting relationships with specific expectations, however, your net consists of contradictions and when you realize that, all the causality ends because it is only a concept.

There are innumerable causal factors in the world and the source of these factors are found in the infinite possibility; the supreme possibility that that is in you, and its power is the light and love of every experience,

The source is not a cause, and a cause is not the source, and because of that everything is uncaused.

You can try and trace the causes of different happenings, but you will never find out why anything is as it is. A thing is because the universe is as it is.

Here the witness is not paramount, for the knower rises and sets with the known. That in which the knower and the known arise and set is beyond time, and the words permanent and eternal do not apply.

When you are asleep you do not say the un-knower is absent. The experience of things and thoughts is not known at that time, and that is what happens when you are asleep. However, the absence of experience is also an experience, for sleep is only a lapse of memory, and life goes on.

When the body dies, similar to when the knower of the body arises at birth, so too it disappears at death.

Following the death of the body, life produces another body with another knower that comes into being. Here there is no causal link between successive body knowers, which could be called a memory or causal body, which contains a record of all that was thought, wanted, and done, which is something like a cloud of images all held together.

It is a reflection of the unlimited and limited that confuses and is seen to be the same, the oneness of the Self.

In death, only the body dies and life, consciousness, the vital force, and reality, remain. Life is never dead or alive, so after the body’s death it means that what was born must die, and what is unborn, the consciousness and the vital force is deathless.

Find out what it is that never sleeps and is never awake, for its perception is a pale reflection of our sense of I-AM.



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