Friends Talk with Douglas 
June, 7, 2023 
I Suppose

It seems apparent that we all have loved ones, be it parents, spouses, friends, children and grandchildren, but we all feel alone. By that, I mean that we are solely responsible for what happens to ourselves, and although we are involved with others, they are not responsible for how we feel and face up to life and the ultimate outcome for our bodies,

We should not have expectations for others with whom we interact, for they have their own needs and also have to face up to whatever life throws at them.

I suppose we all should look squarely at what we do feel, and think. Does it not be seen as being personal and individualistic when we always put ourselves first, Me first?

This is not the case when we truly experience love from another, a depth of love that extends to the very core of our being, where at that point there is a union of this love that arises beyond all earthly bounds into the beautiful state of Being, where the Self is the only Me. This is not something that is unique to humans, although they like to think it is,

No! Self is total and is everything that flows outwardly as Life. It is universal and non-personal.

Self is the container of everything that manifests in consciousness, an unending consciousness that leads beyond all thought of a God; an endless oneness that cannot be known by an ego mind or an individual, for everything has its seat in the Pure Oneness.

This understanding and feeling will take us away from this small body that we always cling to, but in truth, it is a small amount of consciousness, and it is the freeing unity of Love that joins everything into this unity of oneness that forms everything. Tread silently into this totality which is a beginning where we will realize that we are that Self, which we realize because we cannot know through a mind that only recognizes a body.

I suppose, what is greater than that mind’s consciousness is the reality of all that belongs beyond the illusion in which we live.



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