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May, 21, 2023 
Cause and Effect No 1

In the last blog, we discussed the general problem of suffering in a world that seems to have been the cause of the suffering of humanity since its body first morphed into the world.

Basically, we think that pain and suffering belong to the body because physically we know that when there is a major problem in a particular organ of the body, that it is stressed or diseased we feel the pain in that area.

However, some researchers suggest that it is not the body that feels the pain, but it is the brain that has the awareness something is amiss and that the pain is actually only within the mind and not the body, but it makes no difference to us because the pain is still experienced.

Suffering is allied to the experience of pain, and pain can be emotional and mental aside from the physical experience, and often made worse by the other states. But, we always think that pain is a body condition and actually it is the result of the ego consciousness that has attached itself to the body which is the real problem because it immediately instils fear because it knows that it is dependent on the body for its existence.

When looking at pain and suffering there is always a cross-over between the mind, emotion and the body.

It’s interesting to see that many people actually love their pain and suffering because they use it to gain attention by directing focus on them even though it is a negative action and it is used to gain sympathy from others temporarily warding off their experience of insecurity and loneliness.

What occurs in all cases of continual pain and suffering is that an individual will create an image of themselves in pain and project that image onto others where it does not exist.

We all project images of who and what we believe to be in our minds and feelings through our body image, but it is not the image we think it is.

Although suffering is widespread throughout humanity it is always something personal and related to the outcome of our desires arising out of our ego, a thought that has no substance and is motivated alone by fear

What we need to know and understand is that it is fear generated by the ego that is the sole cause of all suffering and pain we all experience.

You may want to question this but, when you study the life of other animals you will realize they do not have egos and do not face fear in the same way we do, for the so-called fear we attribute to animals is only instinctive force attributed to hormone release.

Animals are not attached to their bodies as humans, and when they feel body pain, they think that they are being externally attacked.

The more we become aware of our body’s functions, and the impact of our desires generated by the ego, we will set aside our fears that pain and suffering engenders

On a final note here is that when we are aware that someone we know and love has a terminal illness we create an image of that person’s state. and suffering and that is how we perceive them every time we visit them, which causes a negative effect on the sufferer intensifying their image of sickness.

So, we have to become how our thoughts, images, and feelings create and reinforce the negative state, of another person’s illness, and imprison them in that state.

There are causes and happening without causes. We have been taught in our world that everything manifests from there being a particular cause and this is considered to be what has just come into manifestation. As such, there have to be circumstances that produce an effect following a cause.

For instance, it was first understood that when you shake an apple tree, then all the ripe apples fall to the ground. So, shaking the tree is a cause, and the effect is that ripe apples fall to the ground.

Basically, in our world generally, scientific experiments are always dependent on the same result when repeated by other scientists, and that is seen as validating the principle of cause and effect.

This principle has been taken further by the function of the mind. And in particular, thoughts that are put into action to create an effect, but sometimes the particular desire is not predictable, unlike when dealing with objects, which are more stable and follow structural conditions controlled by the law of three.

Therefore, things that do not have a particular cause sometimes do not have an effectual outcome.

Your mother was needed for the birth of your body, which could not be formed without the various secretions and endocrine glands within the mother’s body. These glands are responsible for the timing of the birth process to begin, so no amount of thinking and planning by the doctors can initiate the birth except by using certain drugs to stimulate the otherwise natural process.

However, with birth, there is another factor involved, and within the foetus there is the desire to be born, which involves unseen forces such as consciousness and awareness as well as, the Vital Force.

Such forces are not created but exist without any cause, which leads us to consider that there are factors within nature that do not have cause and effect.

When looking at the birth process there is the factor of desire that exists within the consciousness, which is the desire to be and exist, and is causeless because it is composed of innate forces beyond the material manifestation.

Our world is what we see as being a manifestation and it is conceptual without reality. The real world is beyond the mind and not related to our desires for dualities, and it should be seen that cause and effect are another set of conceptual dualities.




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