Friends Talk with Douglas 
March, 7, 2023
Review of Learnings Continued


What you have to do is not develop a contradiction because that will have a negative effect on your mind and weaken it.

With observation what is needed is attention and not concentration when you watch and observe your mind and its thoughts.

However, once you become aware through attention and observation you will find that you have fewer thoughts because you will see that throughout the day you are constantly repeating the same thoughts over and over, and you are quite unaware that normally you are doing that.

Because of this repetition of thoughts, your life has very little action in doing something new, and what you are doing is nothing more than living in a loop of repetition which is an illusion of thinking, by thinking that you are thinking without any action of doing.

I hear people say: ‘I love my life and every day I am learning something new’. Such is our ignorance and unawareness of what this so-called learning is all about. They are not learning facts but are gathering a few snippets of sensual knowledge which is not a reality.

 Initially, we have to make some effort to understand what are the generalities of life seen through the body-mind. The only way we can reach the awareness of what is not an illusion requires us to begin eliminating everything that is an illusion and lies that chain us to bondage in this illusional world of ours.

Once you end all sensual misunderstanding you will reveal the truth of what you are.?

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