Friends Talk with Douglas 
March, 21, 2023
Being Continued!


In our related consciousness of the body-mind, we are compelled by the illusion to think that we can become something, and we are always striving to move beyond our self-imposed limitations of the body, so therefore we assume that we are becoming something else.

This means that we are not seeing our humanity as being whole and our only crutch is our mind and we are unable to see that the mind is the factor responsible for our limitations.

However, we are constantly striving to become, to the extent that we have created the idea of a powerful image of a God and that becomes our ultimate goal. But because of this created image, it has no existence or reality and this is the supreme illusion facing human beings.

In reality, there is nothing to become because we are already perfect in the Absolute Being, but we are unable to know or realize what that means.

We may say we want to become, that we want to become that Being, the Self that has an existence beyond the body and mind. Not knowing what the Self is how can we strive to become that? Our greatest desire is to become enlightened, but what does that mean?

What does it mean to become enlightened about something that only exists in our mind as a concept?

Being is pure knowing, something that has no knower or subject because it is whole and one in the Absolute. It reflects the totality of Absolute Awareness. Being is the reflective mirror of the Absolute and shines reflecting the Absolute awareness and consciousness.

You can never become or know Being, for all you can do is just BE, and allow Life to flow out of Being through Self-consciousness and awareness into the manifest forms and objects that are morphed into what we call existence.

It is through the duality of consciousness and the Vital Force that living things manifest and have being.

Beyond all this awareness and manifestation in consciousness stands the Self and Being.


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