Friends Talk with Douglas 
April, 7, 2023

In this blog, I am writing about what is not expressive because it has no subject. What I mean by subject is what the mind uses to explain what we are objectively understanding in the mind and consciousness.

For instance, we say there is a ‘knower’ which is the subject and there is the ‘knowing’ and thirdly what is observed.

Another example of the subject is the observer, which is observing what is observed.

We could continue using different examples, but what we need to understand is that without a subject involved all other factors that follow would not even exist.

Where then does the subject arise?

It appears that the ultimate subject is the ‘I’ am, although the I am constantly referring to me at various levels of consciousness, so it cannot be a subject. As such, all subjects belong to thoughts and are dependent on memories, and knowledge is dependent on just what thoughts and memories arise due to perceptions, whether subjective or objective through sensual impressions.

As such, what does the ‘I’ stand for in relation to knowledge and understanding?

The ‘I’ is one, it is the ultimate knower of all knowledge, not only through an object in the outer manifestation but also within the Absolute Oneness.

I Am is what we call God, but actually, it is the Self, which is the god we attribute as Being, the creative source of all.

The I is one in and of the Self, and the Self is the creator of all that outwardly manifests as a world and universe. As such, the Self is one in consciousness with the Eternal Absolute.

Within the Self, there are no thoughts or memories, only the Mind. We accept the idea that we have an idea and that we have an individual mind that is connected with the body and its brain and is the place where all our thoughts and memories are contained, not knowing that all these thoughts and memories have risen from the I-thought or ego from its identification with the body. But this mind that we claim to be our mind has no existence relative to the body.

The ego has made the mind limited with awareness by squeezing consciousness into a small object through identification which reduces the awareness of its attachment to the mind,

Mind, that is the Mind attributed to Self-consciousness is not limited to a body and its ego. The thoughts and memories of the ego are so limited that they use little space in the mind’s content. Basically, the mind is a vacant space of emptiness waiting to be filled with the consciousness and awareness of the Self.



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