Friends Talk with Douglas 
March, 14, 2023

There is so much information out there in the world about what is and what isn’t, but while there are so many contradictions these make it difficult for most seekers to fathom out just what is, or what it is that does not reflect the Truth of our Being.

I think that we should always begin our thought and contemplation on what actually constitutes Being.

In the Transmissions, much has been written about consciousness and awareness and very little about Being.

We should always consider what constitutes our body consciousness and why we think that we are special human beings, which generally relates to everything about being human. There are always conflicting opinions on what constitutes being human.

So what comes first, Being or being human?

Being means to be, and when referring to the body and the mind this is generally thought of as being human as distinct from all other earth forms.

However, there is a concept that there is a Being greater than all other beings, and it is called ‘Being’ the greater Being out of which everything manifests.

That is only a conceptual thought of the human mind and is basically not true, for all of the outer manifestations are the result of the pure consciousness and awareness of the Self, which is not a concept but a reality.

Being has been considered as never having a beginning, but it is the outflow of the Light and awareness of the Absolute out of which all Light and Life flows.

Self is pure consciousness and awareness of the ‘I’ principle often written as ‘I’ AM. Can there be such a thing as Being – Being?

That cannot be answered because Being is One In the Light of the Absolute that has no beginning or end because it is ever-present.


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