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Friends Talk with Douglas June 28 2023


Friends Talk with Douglas 
June, 28, 2023 

What I have written here is what I have been shown and expressed. It is my hope that externalizing it here may become part of the higher knowledge that we are seeking to understand why we are here living through a body and mind. When knowledge is externalized it remains open for everyone who seeks to be the Truth.

 One thing that is absolute in consciousness is that there is no time or space and it is common for us here in this material world to think that there is some kind of future for us.

There is no future because everything in this world is based on sensual concepts that will keep us living in illusion by accepting them as real.

How can there be a future because everything we think and do is based on our past experiences? We say that everything that we experience is stored in our memories and as a species, we have gone to great lengths to record events that we think are important for our understanding, but regretfully all such recordings of history only go to show that we are going nowhere.

What about everything that has occurred second by second since we were born? How many seconds of daily occurrences can you remember now? As such, all memories of our life here and now are not available, and because we are unaware of them we can say that we have added them collectively to our conditioning and that now we are the result of all those memories, forgotten but not forgotten.

Being forgotten memories presently they are nothing more than what may have once been particular in our life and are now lost in our recent past, and we are impelled by those recent memories to use them from day to day believing that they are our future.

It is unusual that somehow we never question this, for if we did we would realize we are caught in a time loop where we constantly would repeat the same thoughts and actions over and over, always thinking that we are doing something new.

Once we become aware of the illusion’s true situation, we will realize that we are not the ego personality or individual; we are not the body; but something eternal, and only then can we move beyond time and space.

Because of this recurrent time loop, we have no realization that we are beyond all time and repetition.



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