Friends Talk with Douglas 
June, 14, 2023 

The months seem to fly by and that is because of life in this world, everything is limited to measuring time. Because of this, we focus on time relative to our relationship with our body. We compare what we do with previous decades ever since we were born. But, there is always fear attached to time mainly because we believe that life in the body is time-related and ends with the body’s death.

 We like to believe that when our time ends that possibly a new life begins, one that is totally different from our life in a body, But, we become quite attached to being a body, and we want to have another body in this new life, one that has no pain or suffering and will be eternal. Of course, we do not know whether such a new life even exists, or is just another fantasy that we accept.

Here I am not writing about after lives that religion teaches, for it is becoming more apparent that there is no such thing as heaven beyond this world or for that matter dying because only what is born dies, and that is the body.

What I have seen and understood is that there is only one life or just life. There is no here in a world, or there, following a body’s death, and this can be seen as imagination and escapism.

Because of consciousness, we know that we are, and with consciousness comes awareness. You can’t have consciousness without awareness, but you can have awareness without consciousness. 

We have little understanding of what is and mostly our understanding is based on the available consciousness to the brain. For us and other organisms that have a brain, it is the potential that each brain has to accept whatever it has in this world.

It is incorrect to say that every human being reflects the same degree of consciousness because the one that has the same potential for development is close to receiving and directing consciousness. What I am saying is that every brain in humanity has certain limitations which can be related to slight blockages of the neural synapses. The human body due to the different environmental possibilities does not function perfectly.

However, this is only a body thing and reflects its limitation within the world consciousness.

And we believe this world of manifesting consciousness through morphed forms with brain function is our life expression.

This will be continued next week,



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