Friends Talk with Douglas 
June, 21, 2023 

There is only consciousness and although we assume that there are various levels of consciousness that is due to an object’s limitation and not the consciousness itself.

We should realize that consciousness is one consciousness and it is constant and the same no matter whether it manifests in an ant or the Universe, or within the Self because consciousness is consciousness and has no levels or dimensions.

Jesus is said to have explained different levels of consciousness as being many mansions in his Fathers’ heavenly state. As well Jesus said that everyone in heaven was equal because they all shared in the Light and Love of the Father, and he also said that they were also dressed differently.

Of course, no one in heaven would have bodies so they would not need clothes. What was meant was that although they were in the light they were only to share in the light that was attained on earth in a physical body, for you can never receive more light than you have attained here in a body.

We also need to understand that in the world here, through our bodies, we are all sharing in the same consciousness, and because of the influence of our ego, personality, and individuality, we limit consciousness differently depending on how much we are controlled by the ego’s attachment to our body. As such, we all share the same consciousness but never make the same use of it,

When the body dies we may all go to heaven as a spirit, to use Jesus’ terminology, and that being so of course, there cannot be a place called hell, because life in the illusion is hell enough.

So everyone as a spirit enters into the pure state of consciousness and awareness within the Self when the body dies. But what you have to think about is that in our bodies on earth, we all share in the available to the same consciousness, so therefore, it is only the degree of available consciousness within the body that can be taken into the heavenly state, and that is why Jesus said that everyone is dressed differently in the Light.

Living in the manifest world in a body is a life that exists in ignorance of the Light and consciousness of the Self. It is always hoped that each individual will be able to increase their consciousness and reach a higher level of Light here and now, and that means becoming more aware of their nature.

 Being linked to time, it takes us longer to become open to the awareness of our true nature. However, it is this opening here and now that makes a difference when the body dies, So, it is what you do here and now that is important to reach the Light of Being, whether in a heavenly state or within the Vortex of Light and Healing.

I hope what I have written here will help you to become more open to what you are here in the world.

We are moving through recurrent episodes of experience which we attach in consciousness to a body, time and time again, and you are not aware of your previous movement back and forth anytime your consciousness recurs.

The purpose of recurrent living is to fulfil that great union within the Self, that comes about by adding awareness to the Pure Consciousness that is total and eternal.

Pure consciousness is just that – Pure, and perfect, and it is not aware that it is what it is.

There is no time or space in the Self, for everything is instant. When we cleave to a body in the illusion, ignorance, and desires that surround the body and mind, then we cannot become aware of what we are.


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