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January, 28, 2023


Blog January 28 2023

An object can only remain as an object if it remains distinct and separate from you and connected with you in what is a subject, which is you and its objectivity in a relationship. An object has to give up its objectivity in order to be one with you or to be.

This happens both on the relative level of the ego as well as the Absolute level when identity is established in either case. At the level of the ego, it loses itself in the object and becomes identified with it for the time being. However, on the Absolute level, the object loses itself within you as consciousness.

When you experience deep sleep you are identified with Pure Consciousness, or what could be called peace without time. Pure Consciousness as deep sleep can never become present in deep sleep. But, when you refer to it from the waking state you call it the deep sleep state, but, that is only an idea of the mind.

Similarly, we can liken every thought and perception to being nothing else than reality, and at the moment when you realize it when you subsequently refer to it, you create an idea of it, which is nothing that actually refers to it. The whole world is only a moment of thoughts, feelings, and perceptions which it is thought to represent the universal consciousness.

I-AM, the Self-luminous consciousness may be said to be ‘I’ first manifesting myself as objective consciousness by my self-luminosity. It is this objectless consciousness that expresses itself as an idea or a sensual object, and you think you perceive it.

When the so-called perception takes place it loses the apparent object and its limit and content.

Consciousness stands as the objectless self, therefore, it is nothing other than the Self that you perceive.

When an object is destroyed it disappears without leaving any time or idea. In the worldly sense, destruction strives to destroy the mind by purging or expanding it to set it free.

You cannot destroy anything by cleansing, correcting, or mending it at the same level. Real destruction is only actioned subjectively by eliminating the sense of duality by seeing the object as nothing else but your Self.

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