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January 14 2023

What is our home? Everyone believes they have a place to call home. Everyone has a different answer, such as a place to hang your hat; a certain country; a mansion or a space on a street bench.

Overall it is a place where you feel safe and secure, protected from the outside world and enjoy the comforts you have created.

Often you may move to another country to live for several years, either for employment or an escape, but so often you call the place where you were born home, even if you are escaping terror and oppression.

You can build a great house being everything you think you wanted and that you would be happy and often it becomes the opposite unable to keep up the mortgage payments.

People say that home is where the heart is, but what do they mean by that?

Obviously, they say this in an emotional context that relates to shelter, safety, or an environment that appeals to your inner sense of beauty, but nothing in life is permanent.

 There is only one thing that is permanent and eternal, and it is not this body or objects that we acquire.

Our true home is somewhere we left when we came into this world of confusion and objects, and unhappiness, not realizing that we have forgotten where our true home is, because we live in a world that apparently we have to adjust to; a world of little happiness security, pain and exclusion that somehow we know we are aliens in a place we have accepted as our home, but it is only an illusion. 

Going home awaits us in every moment of now, or when the body dies and we move back into our true reality and are home again.

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