Friends Talk with Douglas 
January, 21, 2023

Recently I have been observing my nightly dreams. I wanted to understand just what they were about. At first, I thought they were based on past memories, but soon I found that so many dreams were obviously not so.

Having different dreams every night I found that during the dream everything was clear and not disjointed but, on awakening when remembering the dream it was filled with gaps and eventually the more awake I became I lost all memory of all dreams. 

Obviously, whatever dreams are they have no direct purpose in consciousness, I know that there have been psychologists who have made a living by aligning dreams to old symbology from ancient cults, and I am convinced that some psychologists have no personal knowledge other than what they have studied at universities.

I do not want to continue on that approach. Dreams occur in consciousness, in a state that continues in the mind following the body’s consciousness closing down. Our dreams range from present-day events to episodes that belong to the body memories spanning many life experiences. This has led me to consider that our dreams belong to past life experiences that are irrelevant today.

What is common to all dreams is that when we are observing any dream we are the prominent one who is observing. We are not aware that although we are the prominent character in our dreams, we never have a body although everyone else whom we interact with in the dream has a body.

Although this is obvious after watching many dreams, our dreams are a subtle construct of the inner aspect of the mind acting without a body from the old memories within the mind coloured by consciousness, 

During sleep, consciousness goes through different stages. First, the body’s consciousness lets go and close down. Then it transitions into the dream state which too eventually closes down when the mind becomes inactive, and we experience nothing until the mind awakens and dreams again follow.

This shutdown, where we appear to have no consciousness is actually our Pure Consciousness which we call deep sleep, without any awareness, The question always asked is why are we facing a lack of awareness here.

Deep sleep consciousness is our true state of being or the Self. Because during the day in our so-called waking state, we are totally unaware of our true nature and reality and so how can we possibly be aware of that in deep sleep? 

If we were Self-Realized then we would be Self-Conscious during deep sleep, meaning that because we are separated from our Pure consciousness due to our illusion of being a body, a body that is the first state of consciousness that closes down at night, how could we be conscious of Pure consciousness in deep sleep? We, have to move deeply into the Light of the Self that we are, reach the awareness of that, and become one in the source of Light removing all the clay that life has made you rigid by being conceived as being a body.

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