Friends Talk with Douglas 
February, 28, 2023
Review of Learnings

It is time to make some assessment of what has been written over the months. Not that there is any need for change, but everything needs greater clarity for those who may still struggle with what they have read. As you know we are always open to any questions that you may have.

One thing that needs emphasis is that of Being and knowing and that it is more simple than we think, and it is only the thoughts generated by the ego that creates confusion by the different memories received from the mind. Of course, memories become present thoughts when we become involved with them, and then they are no longer past memories.

Basically, we tend to live in the past mulling over what we think is present. The present only exists in milli-seconds of time, and we are not aware of anything happening.

What actually is happening is that yesterday’s experiences and events dominate our minds today, and we assume that these are our present thoughts.

And what we think of as the future is only expectations we project from the present mind and consciousness, and because of that, the future can never be what we expect.

In ignorance, people say: ‘I am living in the present and looking forward to better changes in the future that will be better than what I experienced in the past.’

No one can live in the present because everything is always the past, even if an hour ago, and is the constant renewal of memories.

Where then do you stand in the past, always reviving memories and repeating the same actions over and over, an illusion of repetition?

We just allow thoughts to enter the mind not knowing even if they are really our own memories. We accept one line of thought and within a few minutes, we are thinking about something different altogether.

Our thoughts control us and we are not aware of what is going on with our thinking process.

You have to take yourself in hand and begin to observe everything that is happening in your mind; watch all thoughts as they arise and observe how they flow in changing patterns.

Dismiss any new thoughts and do not follow them. Be resolved and say: ‘I am not interested.’ And let it go. Eventually, they will not return.

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