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Friends Talk with Douglas 
February, 14, 2023
Mind and Truth

Mind and Truth.

The mind functions in a long series of activities in the nature of subject-object relationships, however, the last action in any series is the exception for, it is never known or remembered.

This knowledge is an activity of identification and knowing the happiness experienced in deep sleep which is never objectified nor remembered.

As well, this knowledge is not exposed to anything else and is the ground of all empirical knowledge, and it is only from this knowledge that it is the higher knowledge that the mind cannot analyze. This cannot be acquired by any amount of mental exercise or watching, for this knowledge can only be known after hearing the truth from the Self, but only after first transcending the ego and mind.

Even empirical knowledge is nothing more than higher knowledge. However, with the inception of thought and memory, you can make any transcendental knowledge appear separate and then it appears as coming from ourselves.

That is how the mind messes up your understanding of what is the truth, and when you use your mind this way the truth appears foolish. Even when the mind ceases as it does in deep sleep, you always are free, because it is the higher knowledge.

You can create the same condition of inner knowledge by ignoring the mind and going beyond it, and then receiving the truth that comes from the Self.

All so-called paths only pave the way, some obscuring and others distracting you from the truth that always comes from the Self. Be aware of all the promises, pleasures, power, and anticipation, for you can be seduced and blocked from receiving the truth.