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January 7 2023
Forms and Objects



Forms and objects manifest in this dimension within duality in consciousness. For us, being identified and attached to a form restricts our consciousness to that form, and it is only manifest when the Light of Awareness shines on a particular form that consciousness manifests.

All forms and objects conceptually are within the Mind of the Self and manifest as morphogenetic patterns flowing through the universal consciousness to the Earth.

Because the Light of Awareness shines through forms and objects, their forms appear and disappear in consciousness which we call birth and death. Because of this Awareness becomes limited in an objective universe and such limitation creates within consciousness, an illusion.

Awareness is the One Light that shines out of the Supreme Absolute, however, because there is a dual universe, awareness within the formative consciousness is thought to only exist with forms, which constitutes the basic illusion.

Knowing that the manifestation of the universe is awareness within the Self then it is not eternal but only a concept in the Self’s Mind and it is seen by us as a universe and world.

Without objects, Awareness shines within itself as the Light of the Supreme Absolute.

Pure consciousness is experienced by us as ‘happiness and love’. It is the knowledge of the existence aspect of reality in the form of an object that attracts and is seen as ignorance in all human concepts.

The moment we know that we have desired a thing, the mind comes to a stand-still and the nature of peace shines. When the mind re-appears the memory of the desire and effort that preceded its accomplishment colours the mind by what is created and that matter of peace is called happiness. 

If that happy state is allowed to continue, eventually it can give deep peace. Even happiness derived from objects is nothing more than one’s real nature of peace.

Real peace is the experience of your own nature and is pure consciousness. It is the experience you receive spontaneously, a knowing beyond the mind.

We are certain, that alone, objects are diverse and the consciousness that sees these objects is itself changeless. However, consciousness is uncaused and exists alone even in the absence of objects, therefore consciousness is self-luminous.

We say that all objects exist and every object is pure existence for its individualised existence.

Pure consciousness or the Self is never attached to any particular object, which is only an appearance on pure consciousness.

The Self-shines alone in our real nature. Objects appear, manifest, and exist in the Light borrowed from the Self, and is not other than me.

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