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December 21 2022





Love means becoming one with the object of your love. When both are one there is no one to give or take. It is only on loose language or degraded love that such attachments take place, here personal identities are not lost.


Real love is where nothing else exists except love. If love is said to give anything, it is love alone that is full and leaves no trace of itself behind.


In taking you also have to surrender your whole personality to the object of your love. In either event, whatever is seen as being the doer who initiates the action, dies and leaves behind supreme love.






The personal cannot know the impersonal or even itself, for the impersonal stands behind the personal which enables it to do anything ordinary. When we try and ‘see’ the impersonal when we are personal, this will give rise to all phemenomal outcomes.


We all work at trying to disable our ego and when that happens we find that we are still able to communicate with others, for it is the Self- luminous Self that speaks.


The Self-connects the words through conscious awareness, With no ego, in due course, we will become established in the Self.






The outer light shines on objects and lights them up, and the inner light of consciousness has something in common with the outer consciousness in its characteristics.

Both are imperceptible to the sense of the mind. The existence of the outer light is affirmed by the fact that the objects manifest in their presence. Similarly, the light of consciousness is known by the fact that it also lights up in its presence.






Ignorantly freedom is attributed to the body, senses, and mind. Though these three are nature-bound most human endeavours are devoted to freeing the ‘perceiver-bound’ concept, which generally ends in failure.

The urge for freedom is real and comes from beyond the body-mind structure. Freedom always needs freedom from all limiting things that basically are time and space. However, such freedom as this only comes from the Self which is the ultimate reality, our real nature and from there the urge comes.

The body senses and mind can never be free, for it is only the real “I” that is forever free. So, the only way to attain freedom is to identify with the Self. This means we have to surrender all our attachments with the body, mind, and senses, for only this leads to the freedom of the Self.







The head and the heart are not separate compartments, but they complement each other. The harmonious blending of the head and the heart, in the ultimate truth, is called realization. Generally, no one is enlightened by the head or becomes established in the Truth through the heart.


A thought when deep becomes a feeling and is thought to descend into the heart. Objectless knowledge is Love and love always gives but never takes.


If giving is spontaneous and comes from the heart, it is beneficial and true. Even the slightest taint of the ego during the process of giving, it pollutes love to that extent.


If you follow the path of love until that love is fulfilled, you will reach the highest state in consciousness, whereas, an ignorant seeker can never reach such a level.







Awareness is the highest level in Light. It is the witness of three states which are waking, dreaming, and deep sleep, as well as the activity or inactivity of each state. 


Awareness asserts that you are ever the doer and enjoyer, but always the knower.


As such, the world and life are divided into two different entities. One is permanent awareness, and the other is everything that appears and disappears.


This week I have focused on some of the important true concepts that we should consider adding to open our awareness and consciousness which is the Truth within our Self.





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