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December 28 2022


Many years ago I often wondered what I was seeking, for there were so many concepts and organizations around that were claiming different ways of teaching the secrets and mysteries of life opposite to that of the different religions.

During the first half of the twentieth century, there was an overload of different systems in the West claiming direct knowledge from ancient mystery schools through continual initiation and secret writings handed down in secret over many centuries which was pure speculation. 

 No matter where you looked there were new cults springing up that were intent of charging expensive fees for such knowledge, not knowing that in major libraries books containing their so-called secret knowledge were available free just for searching..

Many organizations promised cosmic consciousness; being able to become disciples of great masters; alchemical secrets, astral travel, and everything occult

Nowadays, most secret societies have fallen by the wayside as science has revealed the underlying forces extant in Nature that were previously thought to have a mysterious occult meaning.

Now seekers want to have direct contact with their inner being free of ritual; initiation and entities such as priests who claim to have the power on earth to have direct contact with God. Now we are aware that there is an inner way to enlightenment through our inward understanding and focus on finding the truth and reality that is our true nature,

By becoming open to the awareness of what is – the Pure Consciousness of our being apart from the body attachment, that we are one in the Universal consciousness. 

Sometimes we may wonder why it has been so long for this realization to awaken in our consciousness, something which in the light of understanding to be seen as simple and not locked up in mystical concepts that remain in the domain of religions. It is as if we have somehow retained the generational ignorance that has been passed down over thousands of years that God can only be approached through the power of religion.

Then the occultists came up with a catchphrase ‘When the disciple is ready, the master appears’! This indicated that everyone just had to sit around waiting for some mysterious person to come and enlighten them.

There is some semblance of truth in that statement in that once we work and become free of all false concepts, ignorance, and lies then a master comes which is our true nature and Self.

By becoming open to the Truth which is the Pure Consciousness of what we are, and realising that we are not a manifesting body then we find that we are what all religions and organizations have sought to enlighten us through greed and bondage.

We have to discard all the fairy tales that we have been taught by others as being true who have no real knowledge or truth by always preying on immature people who are seeking freedom and understanding. These are those whom Jesus called the little ones, and were not referring to children.

It is this knowledge that leads you to re-discover what is, and when you ask through this knowing, ‘who am I’ the answer then will be ‘I-AM’.

You do not have to repeat over and over like using a mantra for you to know what you are, for all you have to do is just BE; nothing else, and as long as you be and allow and accept everything in your life you will be free, and there are no more questions to be asked, for that is what you will be forever.

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